DIY Glitter Flats

DIY Glitter Flats

This weekend, one of my best friends is getting married. My other best friend (who is also a maid of honor) is taller and wanted to wear flats, but couldn’t find silver or nude. As a last ditch effort to get shoes for the wedding, we planned on making them. Well, she found shoes and got my hopes up, so I made my own silver shoes!

They were really easy to make and only took about an hour (not including drying time). So, if you’re looking for cute glittery shoes that cost too much in stores, just buy a pair of good flats and make them sparkle on your own.

All together I spent less than $20 on my glitter flats.

DIY glitter flats materials

Things You Will Need
Mod Podge
Sponge brush

My sealant isn’t pictured in the image above, but it was a gloss spray that I found at Michael’s in the spray paint section. You can also buy waterproofing sealants that will hold the glitter in place. Just make sure you get some kind of spray or paint that you can layer over the glitter. Otherwise, you’re going to see it all over your house, clothes, boyfriend, etc for months. No joke.

Lay down newspaper before you start doing anything. Glitter is beautiful but it makes a huuuuuge mess.

mod podge flats

Step 1
Brush some Mod Podge onto the shoe. Make sure you work in small sections. You don’t want to cover the entire shoe with glue and it start drying before you can get the glitter on it.

If you’re worried about getting glitter in places on the shoe that you don’t want it on (like the inside or on the sole), you can use masking tape to cover those areas. Just make sure you remove the tape before the glue dries or it will take the glitter with it when you remove it.

glitter flats

Step 2
Sprinkle some glitter over the glue and shake off the excess. I shook it off onto the newspaper so that I could reuse the same glitter over and over again until I ran out. It makes the bottle last longer.

Let that dry for 5-10 minutes.

add glitter

Step 3
Put another layer of Mod Podge over top of the glittery layer. The right side of the image above shows where I started adding this layer (so you know what to expect). It looks scary and takes a while to dry, but I promise it will look pretty when you’re finished.

Let it dry for a few hours. Go clean your house, go to the gym, go grocery shopping, or something.

Silver glitter flats

When your flats dry, they’ll look something like this. The extra layer of Mod Podge really helps to seal the glitter and keep all of it from falling off, but it’s not a good permanent sealer when it comes to a project like this. We’ve used a lot of glitter. It needs a real sealant. Try a gloss spray, a clear sealant spray, or a waterproof sealant (similar to what gardeners use for their outdoor decorated plant pots). You can find these at craft and hardware stores. Walmart might have them, but don’t quote me on that.

Let me know what you think!! Do you like them? Would you have tried making them in a different color? Are you going to try it?

Make Your Own Wallet From A Paper Bag, No Joke

DIY wallet from a paper bag

Photo courtesy:

Who needs Dockers and Fossil when you can make your own wallet? It sounds ridiculous, I know, but it works.

Taiwanese designer, Mr Zhou’s wallet fell apart and instead of buying a new one, he decided to make his own. He happened to have a Starbuck’s bag on hand, so he improvised. 

With an exact knife, ruler, the paper bag and some double-sided tape, he created a fully functional wallet with a pocket for cash as well as slots for credit cards. Pretty neat!

Want to make one? Check out the full tutorial with pretty pictures and detailed instructions.

DIIY wallet with credit card slots

Photo courtesy:

Or you can watch a video tutorial:

DIY Wine Glass Charms

DIY charms for wine glasses

A year or so ago, a friend bought me some wine glass charms. My first thought was I bet I could make that. So, this week, I dug them out of the kitchen drawer and took a good look at them. Yep. I can do that.

It was actually pretty simple. You can choose to use tools or not, but they make the process a bit easier. Your call. You can get the charms and wire at any craft store. Be sure to pick up some wine on your way home. You know you’ll want to test your charms!

Note: Pick beads with a large hole through the center. There are some beads that are meant for very thin wire or string. You want beads that will slide freely on whichever wire you choose.

materials for DIY wine glass charms

Things You Will Need:
Wire rings
Pliers (optional)

charm loop

Step 1

Put a small loop at the end of your wire. You can use pliers for this or find a small object to wrap it around.

wire wrap

Step 2
Wrap your wire around a larger, round object to make it about an inch in diameter.

Add your charms and/or beads.

Then, twist the end of the wire without the loop upwards (or sideways, whatever works best for you) so that the extension fits inside the loop and holds the two ends together.

Flower wine glass charm

You should have something like this when you’re finished. I really loved making these and might have gone overboard…

So many charms

I made some with thin wire and some with thick wire. I prefer the thin wire because it makes the charm look more dainty. There are a few of each in the image above so that you can see the difference. Which one do you like?

If you’re interested in a cute wine glass to go with your new charms, trying making some glittery glasses or redneck wine glasses!

Happy crafting!

Halloween Submissions

halloween themed banner


Hey all! I just wanted to remind you to finish up your Halloween artwork and send it to me by the 28th! I have a few submissions already and I am starting to get excited.

You can submit any form of art that you want, just keep it PG13, and don’t send me anything that isn’t your own.

Please provide me with a link to one of your social media accounts or a website so that I can give you proper credit for your work. And of course, so that people can check you out, because they will want to.

I look forward to seeing all of the submissions! 

Here are the rules in case you missed it.

DIY Painted Mason Jar Decor

DIY Painted Mason Jar decor via Make Something Mondays

I’ve always enjoyed the idea of Mason Jar crafts but I don’t partake very often. Maybe because it has become a fad and I’m tired of seeing them everywhere. As you can see, I gave in today and made my own DIY painted Mason Jar decor. I got very excited because the weather has been so nice here (relatively speaking), and it makes me enjoy colorful things a lot more. This was my way of dealing with that. I craft! It really didn’t take long and was pretty cheap. I got the Mason Jars for $1 each, the paint for $1.67 each, and the flowers were $3 (all at at Pat Catan’s). Anyone who knows me knows that I am definitely not a gardener and am not even going to attempt to use real flowers. My mom would probably have heart failure if she even knew I had fake plants in my house.

Materials needed for painted mason jar decorThings You Will Need:
Mason Jars
Acrylic paints (safe for glass)

Optional buy recommended: newspaper to cover your workspace.

mason jar crafts

Step 1:

Plop some paint down into the bottom of the jar. Swirl it around a bit until it covers the bottom completely.

Dripping paint | Mason jar crafts via Make Something Mondays

Step 2:

Hold the Mason Jar to the side and swirl some paint around the top. Twist the jar as the paint comes out.

Painted mason jar crafts via Make Something Mondays

Step 3:

Swirl the paint around until you have a fully painted jar. I had to hit the jar on my palm a few times to get the paint where I wanted it. You will probably have to do the same. When you are finished replace the rim of the jar only (like the above photo).

Mason jar crafts via Make Something Mondays

Step 4:

Repeat steps 1-3 for as many painted jars as you would like.

DIY Painted Mason Jar decor via Make Something Mondays

Beautiful! I love my painted jars 🙂 I only painted 4 jars, but I will probably add some blue and green ones later. I am pretty excited about them too!

Happy crafting!

DIY Missing Sock Station

missing socks

This is probably the most used craft I will ever make. I lose my socks all the time. Seriously, I am pretty sure that dryer lint is the remains of my missing socks. So, my solution is the Missing Sock Station.




materials for DIY Sock Station

Things You Will Need:
Wood Glue
Clothes Pins
Paint, water, brushes




Yellow paint on wood

Step 1:

Paint your wood a solid color.




Yellow clothes pins

Step 2:

While you wait for the wood to dry, paint your clothes pins.




Missing sock station

Step 3:

Your wood should be dry by now. Grab a MASSIVE sharpie and start writing. You can use paint if you prefer but I think the sharpie is a bit more clean.





Missing socks

Step 4:

When both the clothes pins and wood are dry, you can use your wood glue to adhere the pins to the wooden board.





Step 5:

Cut some string a bit longer than the length of the wooden board. Glue each end of the string to the edges of the board ( a bit high than center). Let the dry.

*Surely there is a better way of hanging this, but I am being lazy tonight and I know that this is going to work. So, if you are aware of better ways to hang this thing then go for it!



missing socks

B-E-A-UUUU-Tiful! This is will be so helpful!

Happy crafting 😀

Grunge Effect

I ❤ Photoshop. Seriously, it is a problem. So, when I found all of these grunge tutorials on the Template Monster Blog I was pretty excited. I probably won’t ever use them, but you never know. You can learn a lot from tutorials. Oh, there are 44 tutorials for grunge effects on this page… just to give you a bit more motivation.

Even if you aren’t a Photoshop fanatic, you can still look at the digital art created here. It is very amusing :-)Click the images or headers for links to the tutorial.

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