DIY Smashbook Cover

DIY Smashbook Cover: Project Life

Have you every heard of a smashbook? It’s like of like a scrapbook, but with less structure. Some people add recipes, top 10 lists, concert tickets, etc., in addition to photos. It’s often referred to as the un-scrapbook.

I have a ton of pictures. Some on my phone, some printed and in a box. What good is that? They aren’t organized in any particular fashion and I rarely look at them, so I wanted to make my own smashbook. I’m going to call it Project Life.

But before I started compiling pictures, I wanted to make a fun cover for it. That’s today’s Make Something Mondays craft.

Tip: If you’re interested in making your own Smashbook, you should look into Groovebook for photo printing. It’s a subscription service that prints photos that you choose every month. You get 100 4×6″ images for $2.99/month. I’m not affiliated, I just like it. A friend bought me a gift subscription for my birthday a year or so ago and I’ve kept it. It’s perfect for this type of project.


Smashbook cover supplies

Smashbook cover supplies

  • glue
  • scissors
  • scrapbook paper
  • blank journal or sketchbook
  • stickers (totally optional)

Don’t get overwhelmed by the supplies image. I went a little overboard in gather materials for this one.

If you’re looking for a small book, I got mine at Michael’s. It’s made by the Recollections brand. I like this one because it’s smaller, and nothing like a scrapbook. You can use whatever you want though.

Smashbook ideas

Step 1: glue on the first scrapbook layer

Measure or trace your book onto the scrapbook paper. Then cut it out and glue it over the cover of your scrapbook.


Step 2: continue to layer scrapbook paper

Continue this process until you have something you like.

I choose to cut out elements of different pieces of scrapbook paper and glue them together.


Smashbook Cover: Project Life

Step 3: title your smashbook

Give your smashbook a title! You’re going to be an author now. Your book must have a name! 🙂


DIY Smashbook Cover: Project Life

When you’re done, hopefully you have a cover design you love!

I’ll post some spreads for you guys when I get started. Stay tuned for that.

Tell me what you think! Leave your feedback in the comments.



DIY Smashbook

I’ve missed ONE Make Something Mondays in over a year and the one I missed, I posted the following morning because it was over Christmas. I think that is decent. So, today, I am going to take Monday off. However, I still want you to get the enjoyment of crafting on Monday.

I went in search of a craft that I would probably make and that you would probably enjoy. Until today, I had no idea what a smashbook was. I was scouring the internet for craft ideas to show you guys and I found a DIY smashbook. What the heck is that? It is like a scrapbook, but more awesome. I found this craft/DIY project at Little Birdie Secrets. The following images, text were written/taken by Little Birdie Secrets. I hope you enjoy it because I think it is an awesome idea! I would definitely make something like this.


Our featured notebook is a simple composition book (we found it at Target for $.50) covered with patterned paper and a little ribbon. Your child will never have to ask to borrow a pen or pencil again with this clever design. (We scraplifted this idea from a Close To My Heart ad.) Plus those mini pens and pencils are adorable.

Cut a piece of cardstock to fit the front, back, pen area, and spine of your composition book. Glue all pieces on using the adhesive of your choice (we like Mod Podge, but be sure to smooth out all the bubbles with a brayer or bone folder). Lightly sand the edges of the paper so it “becomes one” with the notebook cover. We zigzag stitched along the seam through the paper and cover with a sewing machine just for fun.

Cut a piece of ribbon long enough to wrap around and tie a bow, plus a little extra for the pen loops. Zigzag stitch the ribbon in measured spaces to accomodate pens and pencils (be sure to use the pen or pencil as a guide so it’s the right size). Secure the rest of the ribbon to the book with a little MonoAdhesive or double-sized tape so it doesn’t slip off.

We used a Crop-A-Dile to punch two holes in the cover and place large eyelets at the top. Then we tied a little ribbon through them and attached a scrap of paper with a stylish paperclip. This would be so cute with the owners name on it instead of “notes.”