I Went For A Walk | Nature Photography

Fallen leaf|Make Something Mondays

I went for a walk yesterday and snapped a few pictures along the way. It has been a while since I’ve gone for a loooooong walk just enjoyed the scenery. So I thought you could enjoy it with me. Hope you like it!

leaves on the ground |Make Something Mondays flower|Make Something Mondays fense|Make Something Mondays barbed wire|Make Something Mondays |Make Something Mondays sunshine|Make Something Mondays weeds|Make Something Mondays pink flower|Make Something Mondays white flowers|Make Something Mondays purple flowers|Make Something Mondays

Moss Graffiti: Boredom Buster

Moss graffiti

Have you ever seen moss graffiti before? I’ve seen in on Pinterest before but I honestly thought it was all photoshopped… you can’t make moss gross like that. Making the photo in Photoshop would be so easy too, so I just dismissed that as the only option. Well, I was wrong. I was looking around on The Bored Ninja today and accidentally found a tutorial on how to make it. Now, that is exciting! Turns out, it is environmentally friendly as well.

It kind of reminds me a chia pet…

If you want to make it you will need:
Paint brush
Spray bottle
Retention gel

How to make moss graffiti

Images © The Bored Ninja

Winter Wonderland?

winter wonderlandAlright, I wouldn’t call it a winter wonderland… Let’s face it, anything that has the word winter, snow can not be considered a wonderland, in my opinion. Snow looks pretty from the window but from outside it is a different story.

I had time to paint last night for the first time in quite a while. This was what happened. Maybe sometime this weekend I’ll get a frame so I can get it up on Etsy!


Private Suite On Wheels

Talk about bringing camping into the 21st century

I know a lot of people who would be overjoyed to go “camping” in something like this. Very modern. I would take this thing and tour the US… forget camping.

Regardless… this is not camping. This is just vacation. Camping is you (with family and friends), a tent, some hiking, mountain pies, no running water and a lot of bugs.

Via TheDesignerPad








So, a few weeks ago I posted a few videos of hoop dancing. I have taken an interest in this dance style for a while now so it was time to buy an adult hula hoop. Are you kidding me? Why buy one when I can make one? So here it is.


Things You Will Need:

Duct tape and/or electrical tape (colorful duct tape can be found at 5 Below or online and you can get electrical tape at Lowe’s)

PVC Cutters (Lowe’s)

Connectors (plastic, at Lowe’s)

PVC Piping (160 psi, 3/4″) You can use a lower psi if you don’t plan on putting anything in the tubing for extra weight. (Lowe’s



Step 1:

Using the PVC cutters, make a cut so that the length of the tubing (in hoop shape) comes from the ground to a bit above your belly button.



Step 2:

Use a hair dryer to heat the ends of the tubing. It needs to expand slightly so that the connector will fit inside. If you don’t have a hair dryer, this can be performed with boiling water. BUT don’t leave the tubing in the water too long. You don’t want it to melt.



Step 3:

Put the connector between the two ends of tubing and push them together. Do this quickly because the expansion won’t last long.



Step 4:

Now you can decorate! This is the best part! I chose colored duct tape and electrical tape.

Warning: Duct tape does not lay as smoothly as electrical tape because of the threading.




YAY! A homemade hula hoop.

Happy hooping!