DIY Kitchen Roll Organizer From A Cereal Box

diy kitchen roll organizer

Those kitchen rolls, like plastic wrap and aluminum foil, drive me crazy because I can’t close my drawers without mangling the boxes. Recently, I finished a family-sized box of Cheerios and realized I could fit the rolls inside, so I wanted to find a way to upcycle it for kitchen storage.

Turns out, I had some plastic holds that I could use to hang it. The cupboard door seamed like a good location since it’s convenient, but out of the way. Now my drawer space is free for other things.

Want to make your own? Keep reading!


diy kitchen roll organizer materials

Kitchen organizer supplies

  • scissors
  • Duck Tape
  • family-sized cereal box
  • plastic stick-on hangers


cereal box kitchen organizer

Step 1: cut down the front of the cereal box

Following the creases, cut about 2 inches down the front of of the cereal box.

To ensure the cuts are even, fold it down and line it up with the edges. Then fold across and cut on that line.


upcycled cereal box

Step 1: cut diagonally upward from the front

Now, from the corners of the cut you just made, cut diagonally upward toward the top corner of the box.

Repeat for the other side.


cereal box upcycled crafts

Step 3: remove the back flap of the box

Cut across the top of the cereal box to remove the back flap.


Step 4: Duck Tape the box

Use the Duck Tape to decorate the box. You’ll want to cover the whole thing starting with the bottom and working your way up.


kitchen organizer duck tape

When you get to the top, just fold the Duck Tape inside.


kitchen organizer hangers

Step 5: place the stick-on hangers

Cut a small hole on the left and right corners of the backside of the cereal box.

Push the hangers through so the flat side is facing the outward.

Apply the sticky tape to the back of the hangers.


kitchen organizer plastic wrap aluminum foil

Step 6: hang the kitchen organizer

Stick your organizer wherever seems convenient. I choose the inside of my sink cupboard.


diy kitchen roll organizer

Fill it with plastic wrap, aluminum foil, plastic baggies or whatever else you want.

Hope you enjoyed this one. Happy crafting (and upcycling)!



DIY Happy Planner Insert

DIY Happy Planner Folder Insert

Happy Monday! For today’s craft project I’m going to show you how to make a Happy Planner folder insert. It’s the beginning of the year and it seems like everyone, including myself, is trying to get organized.

I cannot remember my life before planners. I used them all through high school, college and now in my professional life. Apps are fine, but my planner really does keep me on schedule. I’ve used many different kinds, even bullet journals. But this year I decided to try the Happy Planner. Why? Honestly, because I had coupons at Michael’s and I’ve heard so much about this darn thing that I couldn’t pass it up. Plus, it’s a bonus if I can get craft and planner supplies in the same store.

The big problem I had with this planner is that there’s nowhere to store papers, business cards, notes to myself, etc. That’s not going to work for me. With that in mind, I set out to create my own folder inserts. I know many of you are organizers and planner advocates, too, so I thought you could benefit from my exploration.

By the way, this can be used for other planners, as long as they are disc bound or in a binder of some sort. So don’t run away because you don’t have the same brand.

Let’s get started!



Materials for Happy Planner folder inserts

  • pencil
  • scissors
  • planner
  • hole punch
  • standard folder
  • double-sided tape or glue (which I forgot to put in the picture)


trace your planner insert

Step 1: trace the planner insert

If you have a Happy Planner, use one of the separators or covers as your template.

If you don’t have the same brand, you can use one of the standard pages as your template.

Line it up along the edge of your folder where it folds over. Don’t forget to trace the holes!


cut the folder

Step 2: cut out your soon-to-be folder insert


Cut along the lines you traced from your template.


disc bound planner folder in progress

Step 3: make it insertable

Using a hole punch, cut holes along the edge where your folder will be inserted into the planner.

I couldn’t find my single hole punch so I just used a 3-ring punch. You can use whatever you have available.

Then cut a small slit from the punched hole through the edge of the fold.


measure folder for accuracy

Step 4: test your measurements

Insert the folder to make sure it fits.


Step 5: folder-ize it

Draw a straight, angled line downward from the fold to the right edge of the folder.

Then cut across and up the fold.




When you open it, you should have something that looks like this.


glue folder edges

Step 6: glue/tape the edges

This is the last step! Using double-sided tape or glue, adhere the bottom and right edges. Not the folded edge!


DIY Happy Planner Folder Insert

Now you can pop it into your planner and fill it with all of the reminders, confirmations, sticky notes and whatever else you need to make you a more productive, organized human.

I think I’m going to make a few of these! One for every month? Maybe that’s too many.

I’d love to hear what you think! Leave your feedback in the comments.

Happy crafting!

DIY Scarf Organizer For Your Closet

DIY Scarf Organizer

I’m going to bet that many of you have a bunch of scarves, or know someone who has too many. I have about 10, which is getting to be too many for me.

Hanging the scarves over the top of the closet door wasn’t working anymore. I’d grab one and they would all come down with it. I needed a better solution. I looked online for organizers and decided pricing plus shipping wasn’t worth my effort.

Of course, I ended up making my own. To the Dollar Store I went. With the materials listed below, I made my own scarf organizer for less than $2 and in less than 5 minutes. Success!


Scarf organizer materials

Scarf Organizer Materials

  • hanger
  • shower curtain rings

You probably have an extra hanger in your closet.


Scarf organizer technique

Step 1: attach your rings to the hanger

Connect your shower curtain rings to the bottom of the hanger.



DIY Scarf Organizer

String the scarves through the rings and you’re done. Easy peasy!

Now you won’t have random scarves hanging all over your bedroom.

Happy crafting!


Craft Organization for Small Spaces

Craft storage for small spaces

I’ve been writing this blog for about 5 years now. That means I have a whole lot of craft supplies.

I also live in an apartment, which means I don’t have a lot of space.

Until I eventually move out and buy a house, I’ve learned to improvise.

I had an old bookshelf that I wasn’t really using, so I turned it into a case for craft storage. I saved boxes, Mason Jars, vitamin containers and tins to store all of my supplies.

It doesn’t look like much, but I assure you, there’s a tons of stuff crammed into that bookcase.


Make sure you get some labels to help with organization. Boxes and tins are great but if you can’t see what’s in them, it kind of defeats the purpose.


Washi Tape and Match storage jars

Mason jars are great for storing Washi Tape and matches. Unless, of course, you’re a hoarder. Then, you might not have enough jars.


ribbon storage

And have Mason Jar ready for ribbon storage! This is my favorite. Wrap all of your extra ribbon around a clothespin a put it in a jar. It’s perfect for keeping all of the excess in one place, but neatly  wrapped up and in a place where you can still see all of it.


cardboard box paint storage

Don’t forget to spice up your boring boxes with some Duck Tape.


What are you best craft storage ideas? Especially for small spaces? I’d love to hear them!




DIY Desk Organizer From A Cereal Box

DIY desk organizer from a cereal box

I’m not a hoarder of all things; I don’t like to have a lot of possessions, but I do tend to hoard notebooks and sketchbooks like a madwoman. I know I’ll use them, so if I find good ones on sale I’ll buy them. Before I know it, I have stacks of them all over my desk. No one hates piles of stuff more than I do. That’s when I decided I needed a desk organizer.

I thought about buying one, or ten, but thought, I can make that myself. If I can upcycle something to make it, that’s even better!

I started digging for cereal boxes and found one that would fit (size wise) most of my notebooks. Perfect.

If you want to make one, you can follow along with my tutorial below. You don’t need much and it doesn’t take long.

DIY desk organizer materials

DIY Desk Organizer Materials

  • scissors
  • weights*
  • cereal box
  • Duck Tape
  • Hot melt glue and gun

*Weights are optional.


cut cereal box

Step 1: cut the cereal box

Cut the cereal box at an angle like in the image above. This is going to serve as the base for your organizer.


Weights for organizer

Step 2 (optional): add weight

You don’t have to add weights if you don’t want to. I was worried about the notebooks being too heavy and causing the organizer to tip over.

I used small tiles, but you can use whatever you want.


Duct Taped cereal box

Desk organizer with Duct Tape

Step 3: Duck Tape

Layer the Duck Tape onto the cereal box. Start with the solid color and then add the designer tape. Keep going until the box is covered.

I added tape around the rim as well to polish it off.


DIY desk organizer from a cereal box

When you’re finished, you’re notebooks and papers will have a home and your desk will be organized! For me, that’s a huge sigh of relief.

I’m thinking about making a few more. What do you think? Do you have a favorite Duck Tape design that you might use for this?

I was considering the woodgrain or black and white flower design.


Awesome Rooms

via jinspiration

These rooms are awesome! I love the room with the bookshelves 🙂

awesome rooms

awesome rooms

awesome rooms

awesome rooms

awesome rooms

awesome rooms

awesome rooms

awesome rooms

awesome rooms

awesome rooms

awesome rooms

awesome rooms

awesome rooms

awesome rooms

awesome rooms

awesome rooms

awesome rooms

awesome rooms

awesome rooms

awesome rooms

awesome rooms

awesome rooms

awesome rooms

awesome rooms

awesome rooms

awesome rooms

awesome rooms

awesome rooms

awesome rooms

awesome rooms

JinsPiration | The NERD inspiration Page

You may think interior design is easy, but creating the PERFECT room isn’t.
Each of these rooms are perfect in their own way and would be difficult
for just anyone to pull off. They combine the perfect locations, views,
design and furniture to create a space that’s so amazing, it seems
like it’s straight out of a catalog.

No matter what you like, you’ll fall in love with at least one of these rooms.

awesome rooms

awesome rooms

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