DIY Dryer Sheets with Essential Oils

diy dryer sheets with essential oils

Store bought dryer sheets are gross. They’re filled with chemicals that get into our clothes and onto our skin. I don’t know about you, but I’m not into that.

I started using dryer balls not too long ago and I like them a lot. However, they’re pretty loud thumping around the dryer. I was looking for an alternative and a friend (thanks, Kel) recommended that I make my own dryer sheets.

Now this method involves vinegar, which I HATE the smell of. Hate is probably an understatement. As you can imagine, I was apprehensive about getting vinegar anywhere near my clothes. Surprisingly, you can’t smell it at all after you pull them out of the dryer. I’m hooked!

The best part is that you probably have most of the stuff to make your own dryer sheets already.


supplies to make dryer sheets

Supplies needed to make your own dryer sheets

  • fabric
  • scissors
  • white vinegar
  • essential oils
  • glass jar/container
  • 1/2 measuring cup

If you need/want essential oils, you can get a great starter pack on Amazon of lemon, lavender and mint. I like doTerra oils.


vinegar & essential oil cleaning combo

Step 1: combine vinegar with essential oils

First, pour half a cup of vinegar into the jar.

Then put about 10 drops of essential oils into to jar. 10 drops per oil.

Mix the liquids together.


fabric scrap sheets

Step 2: cut the fabric scraps

Cut your fabric scraps into rectangles. I didn’t measure, as you can see. But the shortest one is about 6 inches tall.


dryer sheets from fabric scraps

Step 3: soak the fabric sheets

Fold your scraps in half and place them into your jar.

Put the lid on and shake it so the vinegar and essential oil mixture soaks the fabric sheets.


dryer sheets made with essential oils & vinegar

These are a great substitute for those yucky dryer sheets.

When you’re ready, wring out one of the fabric sheets and throw it in the dryer with your clothes. Turn on the dryer and your good to go.


diy dryer sheets with essential oils

I’d love to hear what you think. Have you tried this before? Are you thinking about it? Leave your thoughts/feedback in the comments.

Happy crafting!



DIY Peppermint Lemongrass Yoga Mat Cleaner

diy yoga mat cleaner lemongrass peppermint

Yoga has been such a great part of my life for the past, I don’t know, 7 years. One thing I struggled to find that I liked was a cleaner for my yoga mat. I’ve tried a bunch of store bought variations, but they either don’t work or leave a strange smell on the mat. I’m not a big fan of that. It was time I tried to make my own and I’m pretty happy with the results.

The cleaner only includes 2-3 ingredients and you might have them already. I chose to mix two oils together, but you can use one if you prefer. Find a scent you like and go with it.


yoga mat spray supplies

Yoga Mat Cleaner Supplies

  • spray bottle
  • witch hazel
  • essential oils (lemongrass, peppermint)


essential oils yoga mat spray

Step 1: add your essential oils

Add 4 drops of each essential oil and shake the bottle to mix them together.


yoga mat spray witch hazel

Step 2: use Witch Hazel as your base

Fill your spray bottle with Witch Hazel and shake to mix with the oils.


diy yoga mat cleaner lemongrass peppermint

You’re done already! Spray down your yoga mat and wipe it down with a soft cloth to get it clean. Give it some time to dry and you’ll be ready to start your practice in no time (without having to worry about sweat on your mat).

I’d love to hear what you think! Do you like the oils I chose? What would you choose? Leave your thoughts in the comments.

Happy crafting!




DIY Essential Oil Air Freshener

DIY homemade air freshener

I hate the air fresheners you buy in stores. Granted, some smell really good for for like a day, but really all you’re doing is breathing in things you shouldn’t. I’ve read a lot about it because I like candles or anything that keeps a room smelling fresh. I don’t know if that’s all true, and I’m certainly not trying to freak anyone out, but I’m not willing to take chances. That’s why I always make my own.

Today, lemongrass was my scent of choice. It’s made with a few ingredients and you probably have at least one of those in your kitchen right now.

Interested in making your own? Keep reading.


homemade air freshener supplies

Homemade air freshener supplies

  • glass
  • essential oil
  • baking soda
  • ribbon (not pictured)
  • square piece of fabric (not pictured)

I used an old sampling glass but you can use whatever jar you have available.


jar of baking soda

Step 1: freshen up with baking soda

Baking soda helps to neutralizing odors so we’re going to use it as the main ingredient in out air freshener.

Pour your baking soda into the glass/jar. I usually fill mine about half way.


essential oil lemongrass

Step 2: add the scent

Pour in 5-7 drops of oil and mix it around with a fork. The prongs on the fork help to mash up the oiled baking soda and allow you to disperse the oil more evenly.

Repeat 3-4 times until you’re happy with the smell.


air freshener

Step 3: cover and fasten

Use your square fabric to cover the top of the glass and tie it shut with a bow.


DIY homemade air freshener

Place it anywhere you’d like and shake it up when you can’t smell it anymore. You can always add more essential oil, too!

You should change it out every month or so to keep the room smelling fresh.

If you’re interested in more replacements to air fresheners and candles, try some grapefruit wax melts!

DIY Grapefruit Candle Wax Melts

Happy crafting!

DIY Scented Hand Warmers

DIY scented hand warmers filled with rice

It’s been a downright unpleasant week with single digits and negative wind chills.

In case you didn’t know, I HATE being cold. On any given day in the winter months, I’m wearing at least 3 layers of clothing.

To stay warm, I decided to make hand warmers. They’re filled with rice, so you can heat them up as you please.

I throw them in the microwave for 30 secs while I’m pouring my coffee into my thermos before work, then put them in my coat pockets or tuck them in my gloves. It makes my morning commute much more tolerable.

I made both of these in less than 15 minutes, but if you have a sewing machine you can make them in 5. The materials list is below and the tutorial follows.

Tip: If you have an old sweater or long-sleeved shirt that you don’t wear anymore, you can cut the sleeves into little squares and use those to make the hand warmers. If you can, always upcycle!

materials for DIY hand warmers

DIY Hand Warmer Materials

  • rice
  • fabric
  • thread
  • needle
  • scissors
  • essential oils (not pictured)

You can get essential oils online (at stores like Amazon) or from more local stores like The Vitamin Shoppe. This will depend on your location, of course.


cozy fabric

Step 1: cutting fabric

Cut your fabric into pairs of rectangles.


sew your fabric squares

Step 2: sewing

Sew the edges of your fabric, but leave a small section open like in the image above.


rice-filled hand warmer

Step 3: rice and essential oils

Flip the fabric inside out and layer in the rice and essential oils.

Pour in rice until it fills  up half of the hand warmer. (I suggest using a funnel if you don’t want to pick rice up off of the floor.)

Pour in a few drops of essential oils.

Fill up the rest of the hand warmer with rice.

Add a few more drops of essential oils.

Shake it around a bit to mix everything together.


sewn hand warmers

Step 4: finish sewing

Sew up the hole you left open for the rice.


DIY scented hand warmers filled with rice

when you’re finished, you can pop them in the microwave for 30 seconds and warm up!

Note: I always heat them for 30 seconds. If you want them to be warmer, heat them in 15 second increments. Since they’re small, they warm up fast.

Enjoy and stay warm!

Happy crafting  🙂


DIY Manly Beard Oil

DIY manly beard oil

I wouldn’t say my boyfriend is a burly man, but he has a beard and occasionally complains that it’s itchy. Recently, he was talking about buying beard oil and I said, don’t buy it. I bet I can make that. So, I did some research into the ingredients, we went to pick out a good combination of essential oils, and I tried to create something I knew he would love.

It worked out well and he seems to be enjoying his newly moisturized skin and beard.

This beard oil is super easy to make. The ingredients are little pricey up front, but they’ll last for a long time.

ingredients for manly beard oil

Things You Will Need:
Jojoba oil
Shot glass
Glass bottles
Sweet almond oil
Rosemary essentail oil
Sweet orange essential oil
Bergamot and fruit mix essential oil (found this mixture at Pat Catan’s a while ago).

I found most of my ingredients at Market District (Giant Eagle) but you can buy it all on Amazon, at GNC or The Vitamin Shoppe.

Jojoba and sweet almond oil mixture

Step 1
Fill your shot glass about half way with half sweet almond oil and half jojoba oil. Stir it well.

essential oils for beard oil

Step 2
Add in your essential oils. Stir well.

10 drops of the bergamot mixture
10 drops of the rosemary
15 of the sweet orange.

I know, it sounds like a lot, but it turned out really well. It wasn’t overpowering and my boyfriend loves the smell.

beard oil mini funnel

Step 3
Use your mini funnel to pour the oil into your glass bottle.

DIY manly beard oil

When you’re finished, cork or cap your bottle and enjoy! Make sure you shake the bottle up before each use to make sure the oils haven’t separated.

Since the bf was the test subject for this DIY project and he liked the oil so much, I’ve decided to make more and gift it to some other beardly friends. We’ll see how that goes.

Here are the glass bottles I’m planning on buying if you also want to look into them. It’s hard to find those kind of supplies locally.

Happy crafting!