DIY Mug Cozy From a Dollar Store Sock

DIY Cup Cozy from a Dollar Store Sock

You know those super cute mug cozies you see on Pinterest? The ones that people knit and crochet? I really love the way they look, but I’m not a huge fan of that creative process. Maybe it’s just because I don’t do it enough, but it kills my fingers.

Anyway, I wanted a mug cozy, but was trying to think of a better way to get one. Of course, my solution is usually to make it myself. I went to the Dollar Store to see if I could find some nice fuzzy socks, and they turned into a great alternative to the knitted cozy.

This might be the easiest craft I’ve ever made a tutorial for, so if you’re looking for quick and easy, this is it. Look no further.


DIY Cup Cozy supplies

Cup Cozy Supplies

  • needle
  • thread
  • scissors
  • fuzzy sock


mug warmer

Step 1: fit the sock to your mug

Set your mug, jar or whatever you drink out of into the sock.


making a mug cozy

Step 2: cut the sock appropriately

Cut the sock just under the lip of your mug.


how to make a mug cozy

Step 3: fold down the top of the sock and sew

Flip your sock inside out, fold down the section you just cut and sew it in place.

This area will be prone to fuzzies, so we want to eliminate that.


DIY Cup Cozy from a Dollar Store Sock

Shake it out, slide it back on your mug and you’re done! I love these so much because I drink a lot of tea/coffee in the winter, probably to keep myself warm in the cold Pennsylvania weather. I can hold my mug without burning my hands but it’s still nice and warm. I guess that’s why they call it a cozy.

Go get your beverage of choice and enjoy the warmth.

I’d love to hear what you think. Are you going to try it? Leave your feedback in the comments.

Happy crafting!



DIY Scarf Organizer For Your Closet

DIY Scarf Organizer

I’m going to bet that many of you have a bunch of scarves, or know someone who has too many. I have about 10, which is getting to be too many for me.

Hanging the scarves over the top of the closet door wasn’t working anymore. I’d grab one and they would all come down with it. I needed a better solution. I looked online for organizers and decided pricing plus shipping wasn’t worth my effort.

Of course, I ended up making my own. To the Dollar Store I went. With the materials listed below, I made my own scarf organizer for less than $2 and in less than 5 minutes. Success!


Scarf organizer materials

Scarf Organizer Materials

  • hanger
  • shower curtain rings

You probably have an extra hanger in your closet.


Scarf organizer technique

Step 1: attach your rings to the hanger

Connect your shower curtain rings to the bottom of the hanger.



DIY Scarf Organizer

String the scarves through the rings and you’re done. Easy peasy!

Now you won’t have random scarves hanging all over your bedroom.

Happy crafting!


DIY Tiered Tray

diy tiered fruit tray
It’s always nice to work on a functional craft. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy crafting home decor pieces, but there’s a sense of real accomplishment when you put a project together that you will use day in and day out.

This is one of those crafts: the tiered tray. I’ve considered making one before, but didn’t know what I would use it for. I’m not a baker, so it wasn’t going to be used it for cupcakes or anything like that, which seems to be the most popular choice of food for these.

I do eat a lot of fruit though, so I thought it would be perfect for that! Apples, bananas (I know you’re supposed to hang them, but I never do), avocados, lemons, etc would be much better off on a tray than strewn across my counter.

My tray cost about $6 because I got all of the materials at the Dollar Store. Score! They’re prepping for Independence Day so they have a ton of cute plates and bowls with fun designs.

Want to make one? Keep reading.

DIY tiered tray materials

Tiered Plate Materials

  • bowl
  • 2 plates
  • super glue
  • 2 candle sticks


candle stick glued to place

Step 1: glue on the candle stick

Super glue one of the candle sticks to the center of the first plate.


candle stick glued to top plate

Step 2: layer the plates

Glue the second plate to the top of the candle stick.


layered plate craft

Step 3: add a second candle stick

Glue the second candle stick to the middle of the second plate.


Tiered Tray

Step 4: Glue on the bowl

Now, glue the bowl to the top of the candle stick.

Let it dry for about 24 hours before you put any food on it.


It’s a functional, easy craft right? I could take it to family reunions, parties, or wherever. All of the fruit or veggies could be layered on the plates and dip can go in the bowl. Oh, and the superglue is waterproof, so you can throw it in the dishwasher when you’re done.

Let me know what you think! What would you put on your tiered plate?

Happy crafting  😀


DIY Decorative Frame With Gems

DIY Decorative Frame with Gems

Everyone likes cheap crafts. Especially when the final result  looks better than something you would buy in the stores. I was walking through the Dollar Store yesterday and found these cute gems. (Yes, they do serve a purpose besides sitting at the bottom of a fish tank.)

I instantly thought those could look really cute on a frame. I went in search of a plain, standard frame with level edges. I found two. A black one and a silver one. I bought both because I wasn’t sure how it was going to look against the gems. I really wanted to find a white frame and use the color tinted gems, but I couldn’t find one, so I settled with clear gems.

All together, my Make Something Mondays craft costed less than $5 and took about 15 minutes to make. Win!


DIY Decorative Frame with GemsThings You Will Need:

*You can use whatever glue you want, but I prefer Diamond Glaze because I know it dries clear.


DIY Decorative Frame with GemsStep 1:
Add a small drop of glue to the flat part of your gem.


DIY Decorative Frame with GemsStep 2:
Flip your gem over and lay the flat side on the frame.

Repeat until the entire frame is covered in gems. Let it dry.

*If you are using the Diamond Glaze, be patient. It will take an hour or so to start drying.


DIY Decorative Frame with Gems


Note to crafters:
Assuming you have used a standard sized frame, you will likely run into the same issue I had. My gems did not fit perfectly around the edge of the frame.   😦  so sad.  In that case, make (or buy) a cute bow and glue it over top of the gems. No one will ever know!


DIY Decorative Frame with Gems


That looks pretty cute!

Hope you like them, and happy crafting!







DIY Fall-Inspired Votive Holder

diy candle holderI know its February and that I should be doing winter or valentines day crafts, but I am really longing for fall right now. I miss semi-warm, sunny and breezy days. I really want to see changing leaves, candles in people’s windows, and pumpkin pie. No idea what is going on in my head right now. Maybe all of the snow is getting to me… Anyway, all of this inspired me to make this fall-inspired votive holder. It is super easy and pretty cute 🙂

votive holder materialsThings You Will Need:
Paper stamps
Votive holder
Mod Podge
Paint brush
Tissue paper

tissue paper leavesStep 1:

Stamp out all of the tissue paper designs you want for your votive holder. I just cut out a few because I didn’t want to go overboard, but your design might look much better in excess. You decide.

leaves and mod podge

Step 2:

Get a small amount of Mod Podge on your paint brush and make a tiny circle on the glass where you want you tissue paper design to go. Place your paper design on top of the glue and lightly put another layer over the top. Remember how fragile the tissue paper is. If you add too much glue it will most likely fall apart.

Note: Wherever the glue is applied the glass will look frosted. In the picture above there is glue outside of the area where the leaves are. I cleaned this up with a dry paper towl. Do it quickly though; the glue dries fast.

Let it dry.

diy candle holder

Voila! A cute, fall-inspired votive holder. Can you tell that the candle is flameless?

Happy crafting 😀

DIY Candy-Cane Wreath

Look Mom, I’m being festive 🙂

This is a quick and easy dollar store craft. I bought two small boxes of candy canes (only because they didn’t carry full boxes) at the dollar store for $2.

I think this craft would also look nice with colored candy canes. Possibly the red and green or the blue and purple ones that come out around the holidays.



Things You Will Need:
Hot-melt glue
About 20-25 candy canes



Step 1:

Place two candy canes side by side facing in the same direction. Apply hot-melt glue wherever they touch. Ideally you would be gluing at the top and the bottom.

After repeating step 1 a few times you should have something like this.

Keep going…



Step 2:

Make a ring of glue (a lot of glue) around the bottom of the candy canes, like so. The wreath is pretty fragile so the glue helps to hold it together. If you want, you can add a circle of cardboard to the back to help with that.