Crafting with Corks

While scouring sites for fun new projects I cam across this website called Home Decorating. These ideas are great! I will never make anything like this but I’m sure my crafty followers would be quite interested in taking a look at it so, here it is! There are some great ideas for crafting with corks on here


DIY Corks 1 The Magic With Corks

Thread Spool Corks

DIY Corks 2 The Magic With Corks


DIY Corks 3 The Magic With Corks

Magnetic Cork Planters

DIY Corks 4 The Magic With Corks

Cork Ball

DIY Corks 5 The Magic With Corks

Key Chains

DIY Corks 6 The Magic With Corks


DIY Corks 7 The Magic With Corks

Cork Letter

DIY Corks 8 The Magic With Corks

Placecard Holders

DIY Corks 9 The Magic With Corks


DIY Corks 10 The Magic With Corks


DIY Corks 11 The Magic With Corks

Plant Marker

DIY Corks 12 The Magic With Corks

Cheese Knives

DIY Corks 13 The Magic With Corks

Cork Candles

DIY Corks 14 The Magic With Corks

Cork Candle Votives

DIY Corks 15 The Magic With Corks

Simple Cork Necklace

DIY Corks 16 The Magic With Corks

Embroidered Cork Necklace

DIY Corks 17 The Magic With Corks

Wine Corkboard

DIY Corks 18 The Magic With Corks

Champagne Cork Knobs

DIY Corks 19 The Magic With Corks

There are a ton more on the site too! So check it out and let me know what you think! I was pretty intrigued by the bath mat a cork candles…

DIY Candy-Cane Wreath

Look Mom, I’m being festive 🙂

This is a quick and easy dollar store craft. I bought two small boxes of candy canes (only because they didn’t carry full boxes) at the dollar store for $2.

I think this craft would also look nice with colored candy canes. Possibly the red and green or the blue and purple ones that come out around the holidays.



Things You Will Need:
Hot-melt glue
About 20-25 candy canes



Step 1:

Place two candy canes side by side facing in the same direction. Apply hot-melt glue wherever they touch. Ideally you would be gluing at the top and the bottom.

After repeating step 1 a few times you should have something like this.

Keep going…



Step 2:

Make a ring of glue (a lot of glue) around the bottom of the candy canes, like so. The wreath is pretty fragile so the glue helps to hold it together. If you want, you can add a circle of cardboard to the back to help with that.








DIY Trinket Earrings

Hello all!

I’ve got a quick and easy DIY for you this week. These are pretty darn cute and take about 5 mins to put together, literally.

You can find trinkets at any craft store. I’m sure Walmart has something your could work with as well. These could make a fun gift too!



Things You Will Need:

2 Clasps
2 Trinkets
2 Earring hooks

I am sure there is a correct name for all of these things but I have no idea what they are so, we are just going to go with the above.



Step 1:

Attach a clasp to your trinket.


Step 2:

Attach the earring hook to your clasp. Repeat for the second earring.




Easy enough right? I like them and probably would’ve bought them if I saw them in a store.:-)

Happy crafting!

Repurposed Magnet Board

Hello all! I found this post on Heather’s/Wipper Berry’s website and loved it. Unfortunately, I do not think I have room in my apartment to attempt this. So, I thought I would share it with everyone and give you the chance to try it if you would like.  Please check out Heather’s Blog for more fun ideas.

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