DIY Candy Cane Vodka

Okay, I’m not usually festive. I’m kind of a scrooge when it comes to holidays so, I’ve decided to work on that. This is my first step… Candy Cane Vodka! Yummy! It is very easy to make and I assume that it will taste amazing. I’ve never made this before but I have made cherry and watermelon Jolly Rancher vodka and that was pretty good.

What can you use this for you ask? I recommend pouring a small amount of it in your hot chocolate on a cold day. That would be pretty good. Maybe it would taste good in your coffee (I am definitely not suggesting that you to indulge in an alcoholic beverage before work), and maybe sprite. If you come up with any other ideas let me know and I would be happy to add them!

Things You Will Need:
Mason jar
Candy canes
Unflavored vodka

Step 1:

Break up a few candy canes (I think I used 7) and drop them into the bottom of your mason jar. The more candy canes you use the more flavorful your vodka will be.

Step 2:

Pour in the vodka.

Step 3:

Let the jar sit for a a few minutes and shake it up.

Put it in the refrigerator. Shake it periodically. When the candy canes dissolve it is ready to drink!

Happy Monday!


DIY Candy-Cane Wreath

Look Mom, I’m being festive 🙂

This is a quick and easy dollar store craft. I bought two small boxes of candy canes (only because they didn’t carry full boxes) at the dollar store for $2.

I think this craft would also look nice with colored candy canes. Possibly the red and green or the blue and purple ones that come out around the holidays.



Things You Will Need:
Hot-melt glue
About 20-25 candy canes



Step 1:

Place two candy canes side by side facing in the same direction. Apply hot-melt glue wherever they touch. Ideally you would be gluing at the top and the bottom.

After repeating step 1 a few times you should have something like this.

Keep going…



Step 2:

Make a ring of glue (a lot of glue) around the bottom of the candy canes, like so. The wreath is pretty fragile so the glue helps to hold it together. If you want, you can add a circle of cardboard to the back to help with that.