Halloween costumes for the design and print nerd

It doesn’t get much better than this!

Dreaming in CMYK

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. The excitement of determining just what you want to be, and the hours that go into making (or finding) the perfect costume is almost better than the trick or treating itself!

While checking out the internet leading up to this year’s Halloween extravaganza, I came across several nerdy costumes that just made me giddy. Here are a few of my favorites….what are some of yours? Leave a comment below, I would love to see them!

Need a mask? Here’s how you make one in Photoshop!

8-Bit Makeup Makes Everything Better! via gizmodo.com Lo-Res: My worst nightmare
via gizmodo.com

Real life comic book girl!

You can’t go wrong with this simple costume! Which color would you choose?

Or perhaps you’d like to go as your favorite Creative Suite software…

And well, if you are supposed to go as something your not, this is by far my favorite…

The death of print…

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DIY Dripping Halloween Candles

DIY Halloween candle crafts

Since this is my last Halloween craft for Make Something Mondays this year (so sad), I wanted to pick one that was quick and easy, but also one that would add some flare to your parties this weekend. These candles are the are a little creepy, but not tacky, so I thought they would be the perfect addition to your Halloween decor.

They’re very easy to make and I got everything (except the scented wax) at the Dollar Store. They probably took about half an hour to finish and costed less than $5. Can’t argue with that, right?

DIY halloween dripping candle materials

Things You Will Need
Pillar candles
Scented wax (optional)
Scrap paper or newspaper

Step 1
Before you do anything, lay down some newspaper because this is going to get very waxy!

dripping wax

Candle wax for Halloween craft

pink and green candle wax

Step 2 (optional)
I don’t like the smell of crayons, as I imagine most of you don’t. So I started out by dripping scented wax (I used Scentsy but you can use whatever you want) down the sides of the candle. This way, while the candle is burning I will smell raspberry vanilla, ocean breeze, and sweet pea rather than purple crayon.

When I got the whole way around the candle, I set the rest of the wax on the side near the flame so that it would create a pool that will continue to make the candle smell great throughout the night.

green crayon wax

green wax over candle

Step 3
Take the paper off of your crayon.

Hold the crayon over the flame and when it start to melt, let it drip down the sides of the pillar. Make your way around the candle, but linger on every 3-4 drips to let the wax fall farther down each time. It gives it a pretty cool effect.

dripping candle wax project

DIY Halloween candle crafts

When you’re finished, you should have some awesomely waxy candles that not only look fun, but also smell good (assuming you participated in step 2).

You can layer colors or shades as well. With the purple one, I mixed some purple and black wax for a little bit more depth. I think I like that look the best. Your choice though.

This was a really fun project. Probably my favorite project this year (in terms of decor). It could be a fun bonding craft to do with your teens as well. Fair warning though… I don’t even know how many times I burnt myself.

Let me know what you think!

Happy crafting!

#inktober Drawings: Round 3

Owl drawing

Owl drawing

These are my inktober drawings for this past week. A few of them were recommended by friends or followers and others were inspired by the weeks happenings.

If you’re interested in seeing more of them, here are the drawings from round 1 and round 2.

I still have a few days left, so let me know if you have any good ideas for me!

army tank

A really crappy army tank

camel pose

Yoga: camel pose

pumpkin drawing

pumpkin drawing

Portrait of Ashley

Portrait of Ashley

Tubby elf

Tubby elf

Dandelion drawing

Dandelion drawing

DIY Dyed Pantyhose

DIY dyed red stockings

Did you know that you can dye your pantyhose any color you want? I heard that the other day and thought how hard can it be? Honestly, it’s cake.

I thought you ladies could really use this tutorial for your Halloween costumes. Want to be a devil? Then you’re going to need some red pantyhose. A witch? You might want some green or purple ones. Why bother spending $30 on them at the Halloween or Party stores when you can dye the ones you already have?

My point exactly.

dyed panty hose materials

Things You Will Need
Water flavoring
Large plastic spoon

dying options

These are the two flavors I used to make my red pantyhose. I was shooting for more of a deep red than a bright red, so I added some grape flavoring as well.

dyed water for stockingsStep 1
Pour enough water into your pot to fill it about half way full.  Make sure the water is warm but not to the point that it will boil. So, put the burner on a medium setting.

panty hose in water

red panty hose

Step 2
When the water is warm you can drop your pantyhose into the pot.

Important note: make sure you continue to stir the pantyhose. You want the color to distribute evenly and if you stop stirring it, the color will get splotchy.

I left mine in for about 15 minutes. Choose your length of time based on the color of the fabric. Just remember that since it’s wet, it will be a little bit darker than it will be when it dries.

straining panty hose

Step 3
When you’re satisfied with the color of the pantyhose, go ahead and pour the contents of the pot into a strainer.

Don’t ask me how they turned out red when the water was blue… no idea.

rinsing dyed stockings

Step 4
Rinse your pantyhose until the water runs clear.

Then wring them out and rinse again. Make sure there is absolutely no excess color in the water.

hanging-stockingsStep 4
Go wring them out really well. Then hang them up to dry. Make sure they aren’t bunched up. You want everything to dry evenly.

DIY dyed red stockings

When they dry, you should have some awesomely colorful pantyhose! I was really considering making a few pairs of these or even trying to get some multi-colored pairs. As you can tell, I’m a big fan of how they turned out.

The greatest thing is, you don’t have to use the brands I used. If you have Kool-aid or Mio or something else sitting around, it should work on your pantyhose, as long as it colors your water.

What do you think? Want to give it a shot? What color would you choose?

#inktober Drawings: Round 2

Dancing trees ink drawing

Dancing trees

This is my 2nd round of drawings for #inktober. The first week, I was catching up on the drawings I missed in the first week of October, although, I still haven’t completely caught up yet. Each of these were inspired by things I’ve seen or thought about throughout the week.

Let me know if you think of any good subjects for me to draw. I still have about 2 weeks left before the challenge is over. The more ideas the better.

If you’re totally confused as to why I’m creating 1 ink drawing a day, you missed my #inktober post. That should clear it up.

Don’t forget to share your favorite with me!

Boating on the lake

Boating on the lake

Skull drawing


Pink butterfly for Breast Cancer Awareness

Pink butterfly for Breast Cancer Awareness

random ink doodle

Random doodles inspired by the car post from yesterday and partially by Jennifer!

Morning coffee inspiration for #inktober

I drink coffee just about every morning. I decided to draw my coffee today.


Girlfriend Covers Boyfriend’s Skyline In Sharpie Drawings

Sharpie doodles on car bumper

I’ve always wanted to draw on my car.

But I knew it would take FOREVER to finish it and I’m in impatient person so that never happened. So, when I saw these pictures and read the story (It’s 6 pages long, but totally worth the read), I wanted to share it with everyone I know.

This guy was looking to buy a Skyline but only wanted one in purple. He ended up settling on a silver version and intended to repaint it. In the meantime, his girlfriend, who happens to be a talented artist, started drawing over the scratches on the front bumper to cover them up. The car was going to get repainted anyway, so it didn’t really matter.

The next day, the guy comes outside and sees how incredible the drawing looked on the car and asked her to keep going.

She used over 20 markers and spent over 100 hours drawing on the car and it looks amazing. You seriously have to dig through the whole post because there are a ton of pictures and the comments are amusing as well.

Woman drawing on a car

Thanks to Jennifer for posting about this on Facebook! I never would’ve seen it if you hadn’t.