DIY Doodle Baseball Cap

DIY Doodle Ball Cap

Instead of doodling in my sketchbook today, I decided to draw on a pink ball cap I had. I thought maybe I would actually wear it if I spiced it up a bit. This craft is really easy to make, but it’s time consuming.

I like the results, but I kind of wish I would’ve done the entire design in black or just one dark color. I guess I’ll have to make another doodle hat now… Darn 😉

A few tips:

* Using the fabric markers are just like using regular markers. It feels the same and looks the same.

* If you want to drawing multi-color designs, draw it in one color first and let that one dry before adding the second color or they will bleed together.

* Be careful drawing over the seams. If you draw over half of the seam, the color will bleed to the other half. Plan your design accordingly. (You can see an example in the close-up photos below.)

Materials to make a doodle cap

Things You Will Need:
Ball cap
Fabric markers

* You can find both of these materials at any craft store.  I think my total was around $10.

flower doodles

Step 1 (optional but highly recommended)
Get your ideas down on paper. It helps to give you an idea of what kind of designs you want on the hat and to maintain that same look and feel. Just some quick doodles should be fine.

ball cap brim doodle

Flower doodles on brim of hat

Step 2
Take your drawing from paper to the hat!

When you’re finished, you’ll have an adorable ball cap. Maybe one that you’ll actually wear?

Side doodles on ball cap

Ball cap doodles on back

Drawings on top of ball cap

Happy crafting!

17 thoughts on “DIY Doodle Baseball Cap

    • Oh, my bad! I would wear it. I’ve had a few people ask me if I’d make them one, too, so that makes me a little bit more willing to.

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