Why I Love Art

the best art quote
In a few simple words, this is why I love art. Somehow, getting lost in your own work allows you time to think and become things you never imagined. Join us in the #onething project on Google+ and create something (anything) new every day. Use the hashtag! There are so many opportunities to create and to find yourself… or lose yourself. Whichever you prefer.

8 thoughts on “Why I Love Art

    • I’m so sorry to hear about your stroke, Jennifer. It’s true that something good can always come from something bad though. I’m glad that art was that thing for you. It’s done a lot of damage healing in my life as well 🙂 thanks so much for your comment.

    • I would have to agree with you. That’s the greatest part about art. It’s always been my escape from a world you can’t escape from any other way.

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