The Amazing Moleskin Sketches and Doodles

hardback moleskin notebook

You’re familiar with the brand Moleskin, right? The one that makes those little hardback notebooks that you see in Barnes&Noble. I never really paid much attention to them. I buy their notebooks for sketching purposes, but beyond that, I never thought twice about it. It’s a notebook, that’s it.

Ohhh, I was sooo wrong. It turns out that Moleskin has a huge following of artists and designers. I found this massive group of artists on Twitter from looking through photos of people’s sketchbooks. Check out the awesome drawings in these notebooks! There are a ton, so don’t stop here. Head over to Twitter and type #moleskin in the search bar.

Car drawing

’59 Corvette drawing by Cole Derochie @colderoshay

doodle while in a meeting

Creature doodle by Christian Hammer @artisthammer


Sketches by jesse aclin @JesseAclin

creature doodles

Creature doodles by Tom Joyce @tomjoyce1

window drawing

Window drawing by JoMcCreadieDesign @JoMcCreadieD

Women painting by AG Ford @AGFordArt

Women painting by AG Ford @AGFordArt

These make me want to draw more… and I think I will do that. 🙂

Do you draw in a Moleskin book? I would love to see your drawings!

14 thoughts on “The Amazing Moleskin Sketches and Doodles

    • Writing is a form of art and the Moleskin is great for both 🙂 I used to use them as journals as well.

      • Thank you for understand that. Sorry for my typo. That is awesome! Will it go into theaters or straight to video?

      • Not sure. They started out as a kickstarter but quickly had private investors come forward. It is a cool process for out boys to watch. Zach Brown write it and is directing and is from NC. I love the idea that my boys might connect with someone with an idea and then watch that idea come to fruition. You can Google “The Moleskin Diary” and they have some of the actors that will be in it along with a super cute video. You can connect with them on FB or Twitter as well.

  1. Awesome! Thanks for telling me about it 🙂 I’m excited to learn more and see the movie when to comes out.

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