No Craft on Monday Due to Overactivity

My best friend’s bridal shower and bachelorette party was this past weekend and I’ve been preparing everything (along with the help of her wonderful bridesmaids, mom, and soon-to-be mother in law). We’ve been cooking, making decorations, shopping, etc. to get ready for the festivities.

So, instead of making a craft this week, I’ve decided to share some pictures with you from the shower. They aren’t amazing or anything because I took them with my phone really quickly before the shower started, but you’ll get the gist. When I get good pictures from Aarika, the Matron of Honor (who also happens to be my other best friend and an awesome photographer) I will post those here, too. Everything was very personalized. We made all of the food and decorations for the shower. Aarika even used my tutorial for the centerpieces. 🙂 That was exciting.

The bridal shower was New York themed because the couple got engaged in Central Park. We had NYC pictures, pink everything (because that’s the bride’s favorite color), candy apples as the favors (big apple = NY), and some other fun stuff.

As people walked in the door, they wrote down a date night idea for the couple on a popsicle stick.


We used light and dark pink table clothes. Cute white glass vases with with fake gerber daisies (the bride’s favorite flower), and a picture of NY as the centerpiece. The favors were at each setting.


The gift table (a little too early). 20140629-205713-75433480.jpg

The cake!


The food tables.


The bridal party table. See those cute glasses? The bride made those for us 🙂 Much like my glitter wine glasses craft (but I think she did a much better job).


Incredible Wave Photographer: Clark Little

Wave photography by Clark Little

I originally saw this post on David Kanigan’s blog and was in awe for the whole 3 minutes and 36 seconds of this video.

Clark Little is an incredible wave photographer. Clark started out as a surfer, but quickly found his passion in photographing the waves. He bought a $150 waterproof camera and got to work. Before he knew it, he was a worldwide sensation.

You can see his amazing photography on his website and watch his story in the video.

Clark’s work has been exhibited at

  • the Smithsonian Museum
  • Alden B. Dow Museum
  • Science Museum of Virginia
  • Parco Logos Gallery (Tokyo, Japan)
  • The Four Seasons
  • The Ritz-Carlton Resorts

He’s also been published in 

  • National Geographic
  • New York Times
  • LIFE
  • Nikon World
  • Paris Match
  • Outdoor Japan
  • Sierra
  • Geo
  • Nature’s Best Photography
  • Rangefinder
  • Surfer’s Journal 


DIY Mason Jar LED Candle Decor

DIY mason jar LED candle decor
Summer is here and you’re going to need some cute indoor/outdoor decor for your bridal showers, bonfires and various other parties. So, I made a tutorial for this really cute DIY mason jar candle decor with LED lights so you can take them outside without the winding blowing the flame out. It costs about $4 to make one of these and took less than 5 mins. It would cost less if you used only one color of water pearls.
DIY mason jar decor materials

Things You Will Need
Mason jar
Water pearls
Tealight candle
Tealight Mason jar holder

*You can find all of this stuff at a craft store and probably at the Dollar Store.

decorative water pearls

Step 1
Drop a few water pearls into the bottom of the jar. Add just a little bit of water to keep them hydrated. Put the lid back on the jar and shake them up to mix the colors.

LED tealight holderStep 2
Fasten the LED candle holder to the Mason jar.  It just pops right on.

LED candle in decorative water pearls

Step 3
Turn the candle on and place it in the holder.

DIY mason jar LED candle decor

Tie the ribbon around the jar and fasten with a bow, and you’re done! See, it will only take a few minutes to create a few of these. Your guests will love them!

Let me know what you think in the comments!



Tasteful Typography Design Elements

A great collection of creative typography in print materials.

Dreaming in CMYK

Typography is one of the most crucial elements of print design. When you’re stretched for imagery and still need to make your creative stand-out,  changing colors, manipulating its layout and even its size can help you achieve the effect you are after.

Below is a collection typography elements used creatively in print design layout from brochures, posters, book covers and more.

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DIY Dad’s Stache Father’s Day Jar

DIY dad's stache jar
My dad’s birthday and Father’s Day are within 1 week of each other. Each year we usually go do something like whitewater rafting, but this year he said he just wanted to get dinner.

So, along with dinner, I made him a Dad’s stache jar and got a few gift cards I knew he would use. He’s a big car guy and he’s always working on a new car project, so I knew he would use the Auto Zone gift cards. He’s also a big reader so Amazon was a given.

Things You Will Need:
A jar
Paint pen

step 1
Using your paint pen, add your desired text and a fun mustache to the jar. If you’re concerned about the quality, you can print it out, tape it to the inside, and trace it.

step 2
Put some gift cards or cash in the jar, and don’t forget the Father’s Day card!

What did you give your dad for Father’s Day?

Father’s Day Gifts 2014

Buying a gift for Father’s Day can be difficult, especially if Dad doesn’t have many hobbies. I’ve run into this problem many many times so, I compiled a bunch of ideas that could work for just about any guy with or without hobbies.

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Gifts for him

These are both Valentine’s Day gifts but are still applicable:

More gift ideas

Even more gift ideas

wooden wallet

Slim & Light (Red X Walnut) Armoury M wallet via Ingenious Bros

bottle opener keychain

Bottle opener keychain by TomisTreasures

Father's Day cup

Father’s Day cup by MorningSunshineShop

engraved 50 caliber bullet

Engraved 50 caliber bullet by BottleBreacher

 Some of my DIY gifts that are perfect for Father’s Day