Guest Post: Beginner Card Making 101 by HafsaCreates

Hello! My weekend has been very busy ad I did not have time to make a craft today 😦 this is only the second time I’ve missed a Make Something Mondays in 3.5 years. Makes me sad.

Anyway, I wanted to give you a replacement and I found this great beginner card making tutorial that I thought you would all enjoy. Let me know what you think!

Olive Tree Life

Handmade cards can add such a meaningful touch to a gift.  It means that you took the time out to make something personal just for the recipient.  I know I feel extra special when I receive a handmade, handwritten card!  So today, I’m so excited to share with you a quick and easy way to create your very own card!  This tutorial is by the creative Hafsa Taher of HafsaCreates.  You should also check out her Etsy shop for unique handmade cards which she makes herself.  They are beautiful!

So, I’ll hand the mic over to Hafsa to show us this beginner cardmaking project that anyone can make…


If you’ve done any crafts – any at all- then you already know how to make cards. A lot of the techniques you used in school crafts can be used in card making.

To make cards, the basic supplies you’ll need are:

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