Master Bedroom Makeover: DIY Headboard

What a cute, yet simple, idea for a home craft project! If I ever wanted a headboard, I would definitely go this route.

Has anyone tries this? Did you like the results?

Soundtrack To My Life

I enjoy doing projects around the house! It’s fun to make up your home and personalize it.
I found this thing on Pinterest… All my sentences start that way now.

FYI: I freaking love Pinterest!

So this thing I found was a DIY headboard.
The poster, who blogged about her headboard, made it for super cheap. She got pretty much all her materials on sale. I had some sale items but not all the super cheapness she had.
Honestly this was a very simple project.

Board for headboard. I used press board. It was like $9.00 ish
Fabric. Brandon picked it out, I let him lol. From goodwill about $5.00
Batting. Used a coupon from Joann’s so it came to about $10.00
Buttons. About $6.00

So my total cost was around $30.00. Comparatively that is a good price. I picked my color I wanted, or…

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