Amanda Salinas: Wannabe Photographer?

The sky above the clouds

Amanda Salinas has carried a camera around with her sense she was 15 years old. She realized a film camera really did limit her and she wanted to learn more. A few years ago she got her hands on a new EOS 60D Canon and she started seeing the world in a way she’s always hoped to see it. She currently lives in Oregon with her husband.

Amanda calls herself a wannabe photographer. I think not. She is a photographer. I’ve followed her blog for quite some time now, and am always intrigued by every photograph she posts. She takes some great landscape and nature photography as well, so I’ve decided to focus on that area for this post. All of her photos are great though, so you should check out her site for more!

 Photography: waterfall in the woods beautiful sunlight on the field Zen Garden Waterfall in the Green Farm landscape photography A windmill in the flowers field of flowers beautiful night sky crashing waves seagull above the waves lighthouse
Bridge over the water

12 thoughts on “Amanda Salinas: Wannabe Photographer?

    • Thank you, maybe she will believe me now 😉
      Appreciate your comment, as always. I’m glad you like her work. It is lovely.

      • Yes, I just subscribed to her blog and gave her some glowing praise. I appreciate you giving her a plug today otherwise I and potentially many other of your followers would have never discovered her 🙂

  1. Megan!! This is amazing 🙂 You’re too sweet, I never thought anyone would love my photographs, thanks to this post I got two new followers and markandjess2012 left me the sweetest message. Just too amazing 🙂 I can’t tell you how much I appreciate this! I’m sending you HUGS! haha

    • Amanda, you deserve the recognition! I am happy to help out. I knew my followers would love your work 😀 they would be crazy not to.

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