Australian toy knitter exposed after eight years of secrecy

It is so nice to hear about good deeds like this. I don’t know about you, but my heart melts for these kids.


royal children's hospital craftihub

After eight years of receiving secretly donated knitted toys, the Royal Children’s Hospital in Brisbane, Australia, now knows who to thank. The mystery knitter was revealed to be Coral Cove resident Evelyn Dee, whose packaged presents arrived at the doors of the foundation without a note, a return address or any kind of message whatsoever.

The mystery had been solved by the Children’s Hospital Foundation’s — who raise funds for the Royal Children’s Hospital —  public relations manager Linda Graham, who picked up the case after witnessing the latest arrival of Evelyn Dee’s pleasant, yet nonetheless confusing package. Approximately 37,000 children are admitted to the Royal Children’s Hospital in Brisbane each year, and Graham is confident that Dee’s contribution is helpful:

Thanks to the generosity and passion of supporters just like Evelyn, they truly do help work wonders for sick and injured kids.

As for Evelyn, her story starts eight years in the past. Prompted by…

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