Tattooed Sketches

Chest tattoo by Lea Nohan

Lea Nahon is a Parisian artist who lives in Belgium. She has a loose-line-art style that resembles what you would see in a sketchbook. Lea prefers the look of the aesthetic movement in the lines rather than a perfect illustration. She carries this style throughout her paintings, drawings, and of course, tattoos.

I found Lea Nahon via Illusion Scene 360 and her work is amazing. I love the organic nature of the lines. Gorgeous! Please take a look at her page for more work! Lovely!

Big kiss tattoo by Lea NohanWoman face tattoo by Lea NohanSkeleton tattoo by Lea NohanNever forget tattoo by Lea Nohan

Photos © Lea Nahon

6 thoughts on “Tattooed Sketches

    • They are very different, I enjoy that about them. I don’t blame you not wanting to get tattooed. I heard its painful, but I’ve never got my own.

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