Home From the Beach (and Exhausted)

Thank you to everyone who took interest in my vacation this past week 🙂 That was so sweet of you. 

I got home much later than I had anticipated so Make Something Mondays is either going to be late Monday night or on Tuesday this week.

I will be blogging regularly this week though.


Happy Monday!

12 thoughts on “Home From the Beach (and Exhausted)

  1. So glad you had a nice vacation.

    I’m sorry you’re exhausted though. Thanks for visiting your mamma & daddy. Please have restful night.

    All my love,

      • A holiday passes so quick .. and than we long for the next one – but we nearly need short break to rest from the holiday too. Great to have you back.

      • I agree with you – short breaks are great … rather have many short breaks during the year … than one long.
        In Sweden we have all 5 weeks fully paid holiday by law and we can split as we want.

      • Wow that sounds amazing! We rarely get that much time off unless we’ve been at the same company for x amount of years.

      • Everybody gets – 2,5 days per every month worked .. so even if you only worked very long or the whole year do you get some holiday. We are so spoiled here in Sweden.

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