Follow Me To…

follow me to photography series

Surely you’ve seen the Follow Me To photography series created by Photographer, Murad Osmann. He documents his travels by taking pictures of his girlfriend leading the way around the world. Her back is always facing him, never showing her face. She leads us around the globe to some of the most beautiful locations filled with romance and excitement. All images are taken and posted to his Instagram profile.

It all started while the couple was vacationing and Natalia, Murad’s girlfriend, would get annoyed that he was always taking pictures, so she would grab his hand and pull him forward. That did not stop him though, he continued.

The Follow Me To series became a huge success. The images below are only a fraction of the beautiful photographs he has taken. Please take the time to look at his Instagram if you are interested in more.

follow me to photography series

follow me to photography series

follow me to photography series

follow me to photography series

follow me to photography series

follow me to photography series

follow me to photography series

follow me to photography series

follow me to photography series

follow me to photography series

Images © Murad Osmann

via Big Picture


47 thoughts on “Follow Me To…

  1. I like that idea …. and I love the photos – but why not have the male in the front on some of the them .. only a female, I rather follow a nice looking male. Very clever.

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    • You hit the nail on the head. I think that is why so many people respond positively to the imagery. Lovely.

    • You haven’t? Every time I get online I see one of the images somewhere. Glad I can introduce you to them!

  3. Beautiful! This is a great concept with fabulous pictures of gorgeous locations…..and a beautiful girl to boot. Thanks for sharing this with all of us. I now have the sudden urge to buy a camera…..and some fun flirty dresses.
    You have been such a source of inspiration for me. I want to say thank you for helping me quietly expand my creativity. I just completed totally refinishing a set of 65 year old bedroom dressers given to me by my parents. I don’t have pictures to show you, but I am proud of the end result. I now have a totally modern, updated, and artistic bedroom suite that I would not have attempted prior to being inspired by you and others like you that I follow. Thank you. Keep on going.

    • That is so nice of you! Thank you so much! I am glad I can inspire people and bring out their creative side. I would love to see pictures if you decide to take any! Interior design is not my strong suit so I love seeing what other people are capable of.

  4. I heard about this a while back and thought it was incredibly clever. Wonderful to see a group of the photos, as I had just seen one or two. Fabulous imagery, and his girlfriend looks gorgeous, even from the back. Sigh….

    • She is very gorgeous. On a more positive note, if you go to his Instagram you can see pictures of HIS pretty face also 🙂

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