Upcycled Book Art via Etsy

I found an Etsy shop  today that makes upcycled book art. I got so excited! I know this is not a new concept; I have even  tried making my own upcycled watercolor decor  on old dictionary pages as a Make Something Mondays. I was excited because these particular pieces were awesome! Much more awesome (awesomer? That doesn’t sound right.) than the ones I’ve seen in the past. You should take a look at some of these. They are very creative.

I would love to hear what you think of these. Thoughts? Opinions?

Upcycled book art on Etsy

The Beauty of Abandonment

Sometimes, abandoned places are more amazing that tall, shiney new buildings and newly constructed theme parks. I found some images via Pixel Clouds that I found intriguing, so I thought you might as well. Can you tell that I have a thing for abandoned amusement parks? I can’t get over how eerie, yet inviting the seem.

roller coaster left behind. train depot abandoned hotel train tracks abandoned bridge abandoned amusement park six flags new orleans abandoned roller coaster

DIY Abstract Wall Art

DIY Abstract Wall Art via Make Something MondaysHow much money have you spent buying art? Really, I’m curious. I spend money on art and people ask me why I would spend money when I can just make it myself. That is a good point, but the reason I buy it is because I like to support other artists. There are some talented people out there, as my blog has shown you, that deserve to be promoted. They have to make money somehow, and the only way that is going to happen is if you buy their art. But, enough with my supporting artists rant. This week my Make Something Mondays project is DIY abstract wall art. Many people buy art because they don’t think they can make it themselves. You can.

The joy with abstract art is that it doesn’t have to be perfect. There was a period called Abstract Expressionism when artists showed how they felt by painting on canvas. It doesn’t have to mean anything to the viewer, although it often does, it just has to mean something to the artist. You can do this, even if you don’t think you have any talent.

DIY Abstract Wall Art via Make Something MondaysThings You Will Need:
Acrylic paint
Masking tape
Paint brushes/sponges

DIY Abstract Wall Art via Make Something MondaysStep 1:

Using your masking tape, make a frame around the edges of your canvas. Then, separate the canvas into quadrants.

DIY Abstract Wall Art via Make Something MondaysStep 2:

Pick out the paints you are going to use. I used 3 paints per quadrant.

DIY Abstract Wall Art via Make Something MondaysStep 3:

Using one of the sponge brushes, sponge a layer of the lightest color over one of the quadrants. Keep turning the sponge brush so you begin to create a pattern.

DIY Abstract Wall Art via Make Something MondaysStep 4:

Pick the next lightest color of the 3 you chose. Continue the same brush pattern like the image above. With this color, layer on less of the paint so that the yellow (or your first color) is still visible.

DIY Abstract Wall Art via Make Something MondaysStep 5:

Using the darkest color, and the least amount of paint, continue the same pattern.

DIY Abstract Wall Art via Make Something MondaysAt this point, you should have something that looks like this. If you feel like you’ve overdone it with the darker colors you can always add another layer of your lightest color over top. Don’t go overboard though.

DIY Abstract Wall Art via Make Something MondaysStep 6:

Repeat steps 1-5 on your remaining quadrants. You can pick whichever colors you want.

Let the canvas dry. This shouldn’t take more than 5-10 mins. Acrylics dry fast.

DIY Abstract Wall Art via Make Something MondaysStep 7:

Add a few lines of masking tape across the top and bottom of each quadrant. Leave a small amount of space between them similar to the image above.

DIY Abstract Wall Art via Make Something MondaysStep 8:

Pick a dark color that stands out in one (or all) of your quadrants. Paint the color of your choice between the tape.

When it is dry you can peel the tape off.

You should have something similar to the painting below.

DIY Abstract Wall Art via Make Something MondaysSee, you can do this! All it takes is some paint and a little bit of patients.

This one looks pretty good next to my other paintings.

DIY Abstract Wall Art via Make Something MondaysI’ve done the Crayon Art as a Make Something Mondays in the past. I haven’t done any tutorials on the tree painting but if enough people are interested, I will gladly make one for you guys! Let me know in the poll below.

Are you interested in a tutorial for the tree painting above?


You guys said you wanted to learn how to make the tree painting, so here’s a tutorial for you!

Mistaken Impression Sculptures: Tom Eckert

Mistaken Impressions Tom Eckert

Tom Eckert is an artist and professor who carves hyper-realistic, or mistaken impression, sculptures. He carves everyday objects such as books, cloth, shoes, and plates out of wood. Yes, all of these sculptures are made of wood! Amazing! The artist prefers woods like basswood, linden and limewood because they are all good for carving, good for painting on, and are stable. Tom uses traditional processes to carve, construct, laminate and paint the sculptures.

Tom recieved his M.F.A. (Masters of Fine Arts) from Arizona State University and began teaching there shortly after. His work has been displayed in over 150 national and international exhibitions.

Mistaken Impressions Tom Eckert
Hyper-realistic sculptures
Tom Eckert sculptures
Tom Eckert artworkimpression sculptures by tom eckert
Wooden Illusion sculptures
creative sculptures
tom eckert wooden sculptures
wood sculptures by Tom Eckert
wood card and cloth sculpture

Images © Tom Eckert

Follow Me To…

follow me to photography series

Surely you’ve seen the Follow Me To photography series created by Photographer, Murad Osmann. He documents his travels by taking pictures of his girlfriend leading the way around the world. Her back is always facing him, never showing her face. She leads us around the globe to some of the most beautiful locations filled with romance and excitement. All images are taken and posted to his Instagram profile.

It all started while the couple was vacationing and Natalia, Murad’s girlfriend, would get annoyed that he was always taking pictures, so she would grab his hand and pull him forward. That did not stop him though, he continued.

The Follow Me To series became a huge success. The images below are only a fraction of the beautiful photographs he has taken. Please take the time to look at his Instagram if you are interested in more.

follow me to photography series

follow me to photography series

follow me to photography series

follow me to photography series

follow me to photography series

follow me to photography series

follow me to photography series

follow me to photography series

follow me to photography series

follow me to photography series

Images © Murad Osmann

via Big Picture

Illustrations on Photography by Johan Thörnqvist

Johan Thörnqvist is a Swedish illustrator. He created the work by drawing on photography taken only with a cell phone. On the right is the original photograph and his manipulation on the left.

I love these illustrations because this is what I see when I look at an object or landscape. There is this part of me that spaces out and someone has to pull me back to reality. I love that Johan capture what his mind was visualizing. Very intriguing. And all with a cell phone image. What a brilliant idea.

So, I encourage you to check out his site and possibly his social networks.

Pinterest– interesting stuff on here. However, I can’t read a lot of it. Just go back to your childhood and be amused by the pictures.
Facebook– this is in English.
Tumblr– English as well.

Motorbåt Motorbåt
Citroner Citroner
Parklek Parklek
Trappen Trappen
Skogen Skogen
Ölen Ölen
Badkaret Badkaret
Sundet Sundet
Åka bil Åka bil
Drottninggatan Drottninggatan

All images © Copyright Snarlik.se – Johan Thörnqvist

Creative Wedding Invitations

Do you remember what your wedding invitations looked like? How did you pick which ones you wanted? Did you make them yourself? if so, where did you get the idea? If not, where did you find them?

Several of my friends got married last year. One of those couples had an anniversary this weekend and it got my thinking about all of the wedding invitations I’ve seen in the last year. They were all so different. Some were more standard and elegant while others more creative and unique. It made me wonder about all of the other wedding invitations out there. I’ve never really delved to deeply into the wedding circuit so I wanted to see what I could find.

To those of you who are getting married and looking for wedding invitations, I hope this helps. Unfortunately, it probably won’t if you aren’t as geeky as I am.

Click the images for links to the original.

Pac Man wedding invitation

Adorable! Pac man wedding invitations! Great idea for the geeky couple.


Creative wedding invitationThis one is elegant and creative. I love the cut outs.


Film inspired wedding invitationsAarika, I hope you are reading this post because you would LOVE this invitation. Too bad you are married already 😉


View finder wedding invitationsView finder invitations! How creative is that?


purple-wedding-setThis purple wedding set is kind of fun. I like the simple design paired with the while chandelier. Something different.


chartoon-like wedding invitation

I like this card. The cartoon-ish aspect is adorable for a wedding. I wish the designer would’ve used 2 fonts instead of three though. The red one throws off my view a bit.

Let me know what you think. If you had some creative invitations, feel free to send them to me. I will gladly post them and link back to you!