Updating My WordPress Theme

I’ve had the same WordPress theme for quite some time so it was about time for an update. I looked at all kinds of themes today and settled on this one. I typically like dark backgrounds because it makes the images pop more and I’ve never been a huge fan of negative space. I suppose that having a blog has changed my perception of what a page should look like. I noticed that i gravitated towards light-colored backgrounds like tan or white because it seemed more organized and open. I also Noticed that I preferred a two column grid because three seemed to cluttered and one felt to boring.  I very much enjoy the pink accents as well, no surprise there.

Give me some feedback! I would love to know what you think and why.

10 thoughts on “Updating My WordPress Theme

  1. Changing themes can be quite traumatic. Give it a few days if you don’t love it, try something else. It is what you write that matters anyway. 🙂 and you do a great job of that!

  2. I was a little concerned about the white. I thought about going with more of a tan for that reason. We’ll see how it goes. I’m not in love with it. Thank you Nia!

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