Twisted Disney Princess Artwork

This twisted Disney Princess art was created by Jeffrey Thomas. Jeffrey is a character designer, concept artist, and story artist residing in Burbank, CA.

This artwork is pretty amazing, mostly because I have an attachment to the characters. What little girl wouldn’t have? I know I spent hours and hours watching a rewatching disney movies. My parents can attest to this. I’m sure they would be perfectly happy if they never saw a disney princess again…

I really love the twisted disney princess concept but these may have ruin my childhood. I think I’m okay with it!

Let me know what you think!












19 thoughts on “Twisted Disney Princess Artwork

      • I’m going with Belle, Mulan, and Pocahontas best. I wish Nala had been done a little differently. I love The Lion King, but I’m not too fond of that picture. Ah well. 😀 Alice is very fitting! I just like the composition of Mulan and Belle better. Pocahontas just works. ^_^

  1. Love Alice in wonderland and Cinderella, I agree with ddmboss it would be very interesting to see what happened if Disney made horror-versions of the Disney movies using these characters! Though, I would feel sorry for the children for having their dreams and reality destroyed if Disney would produce such movies. I can live with it, I’m an adult I’ve passed the era when Disney princesses were my idols and icons but today’s children haven’t…

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