The Embrace: The Solution for Messy Cables

Embrace: mobile device solution

Now that most of us have mobile devices, we can’t seem to get our messy cables under control. Spell, on Behance, had the magnificent idea to create The Embrace. The Embrace is an wooden table for the arm of your chair or couch that keeps your messy cables hidden. Hook all of  your chargers up in one place and plug in your tablet or other hand-held or mobile devices. Watch a movie, browse the internet or rest your coffee.
Embrace is available in 2 distinctive wood finishes: American walnut and European oak, both finished in oil.
The inside of the Embrace comes in white or black.
What a wonderful concept!clean cord solution
Embrace: couch table
The Embrace

4 thoughts on “The Embrace: The Solution for Messy Cables

  1. I brought a Mac a few months ago!! Absolutely love it!!! Never going back 🙂 My cables are always messy lol that is a good idea!! 🙂

    • Oh, Mac is a wonderful thing! People say that Mac lovers are tech snobs and I say people who claim that have never owned a Mac. Amazing invention. But yes, the cords need to go…

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