Singles’ Awareness Day

Single’s awareness day usually falls on Valentine’s day or the day before when everyone is planning. People really seem to hate that day but really, there is nothing wrong with being single. You don’t have to have make plans with anyone if you don’t want to!

So tell me what you did for Single’s Awareness day or Valentine’s Day!

We made awesome beefy stuffed shells!


Yes, made them. I’m not about to go out to eat in the madness. And we ate Sarris pretzels and drank cherry wine. It was a great relaxing night.


10 thoughts on “Singles’ Awareness Day

  1. I worked in my studio, layed in the sun with my dogs and listened to music, ate chips and salsa, drank beer, exercised for an hour and had a lovely and low stress day. That looks really good what you made there, I may have to try pasta tonight.

  2. I’m single and I LOVE Valentines. :). I adore the energy of love. To celebrate, I made valentines with toddlers and then took myself out for a facial. I suppose it was an act of self love. :). Those stuffed shells look amazing by the way.

    • Aww that’s the greatest! I’m glad to see you have a positive attitude. That sounds like fun! Thanks you, btw, the shells were pretty yummy.

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