DIY Tile Jewelry

One of my coworkers told me about this event called Zero Landfill a while back. Click on the name and check out the site. This event is AWESOME! This group arranges for business in the creative industries to drop off their “scraps” in one location on a specific date. Otherwise, these scraps would go into the garbage and get thrown into a landfill. The group arranges the scraps in a building and advertise for anyone to come and look through them and take whatever they think they could use. I got so much stuff at this place. I have boxes of tiles, fabric, design magazines, etc. These tiles that I’m using are from Zero Landfill. 🙂



Things You Will Need:
Circle clasps
Diamond Glaze


This is the tile book I found in the scraps from an interior decorating company. These tiles are now “out of season” according the the market. Not for me!




Step 1:

Place your clasp on the back of the tile in a secure location. Add on the diamond glaze and let it dry for a few hours.



Step 2:

When your glaze is dry go ahead and add your pendants to the earrings and chain and you’ve got some pretty cute jewelry! It looks pretty elegant, I think. I will be adding these (and more) to my Etsy Shop in the next few days also!



7 thoughts on “DIY Tile Jewelry

    • I did. The place is pretty cool. This is the first year I’ve participated in it and I’ve heard it is hit or miss… you either find really awesome stuff or nothing at all. I think it is worth it through. It would be a shame for all of that to be thrown away.

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