DIY Frosted Glasses

There are a few ways to make these. I chose etching because I am going to use them on drinking glasses. The alternative would be to use frosted pearl spray paint. The spray paint is much faster but it also has lead in it so, if you plan on using your glassware to drink or eat from then I suggest you take my route as well.




Things You Will Need:
Etching acid
Rubber gloves
Rubber Bands
Disposable paint brushes



Step 1:

Stretch a few rubber bands around your glass.  I stretched mine unevenly for a neat effect.



Step 2:

PUT YOUR GLOVES ON and dip your paintbrush in the acid and apply several layers to your glassware. Let it sit for a while. Somewhere between 20 minutes and half an hour seemed to work for me.



Step 3:

Rise your glass thoroughly and dry. The etching will slowly start to appear as the glass dries.



There you have it. Frosted glasses. A great addition to your kitchen!

Happy etching!

20 thoughts on “DIY Frosted Glasses

    • Thanks, I was pretty apprehensive about the possible outcome. But I am happy with the results. It was really a really easy project!

  1. i’m going to get paint or glue and drawt on a design of some kind. or names. kids’s names. snowmen for winter. flowers for summer. then see if that works to etch those designs and peel off the glue or paint. i’ll let you know if it works.

    • Great, I would love to hear if it works! If it doesn’t, then try cutting the design out of vinyl and painting the acid over that. Good luck!

    • You can find them at any craft store. I got mine at Michael’s but you could probably find it at Jo-Anne’s also. It is actually an process called etching and you will need etching acid. Ask the cashier or other worker and they will point you in the right direction.

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