Erik Johansson

Erik Johansson is a professional photographer and retoucher from Sweden based in Berlin, Germany. He works mostly with personal- and commissioned projects. Photography is just a way for him to collect material to realize the ideas in his mind. Erik gets inspired by things around him in his daily life. Every new project is a new challenge and his goal is to realize them as realistic as possible.

Tools of choice: Canon EOS 5d mark II, Canon L-lenses, Elinchrom RX-flashes, Homebuilt-PC, Eizo displays, Adobe Photoshop CS5

Visit His Links!!/tackochgodnatt

200 thoughts on “Erik Johansson

  1. seriously, two things. first, i’m sick of freshly pressed blogs featuring photos that i could easily take myself. this – however – is terrific. finally, a FP photo blog that is worth looking at. brilliant. you need not only the technical know-how but also the idea. that’s really great.

    second, the milk one? ewww.

    • Thank you very much. I’ve always liked his work so I wanted to share it. Being an artist makes you want to help other artists out I suppose. I am glad everyone is enjoying it as much as I am.

      To the milk comment: I really debated showing this image because I thought it was pretty gross as well. However, gross things can be fun so why not. Someone will enjoy it!

  2. Wonderful, wonderful images. Being a bit sleepy this eve, it took me a sec to realise what was going on in the spilled cup image (oops, indeedy). They’re simply superb and many thanks for posting this 😉

  3. I love this kind of surreal stuff! You have to wonder what the heck it’s like to be inside the mind of that person’s mind.

    • I would assume that person gets bored easily and uses his imagination often to amuse himself. I love his work!

  4. this is totally awesome 🙂 it is such a nice collection of lovely images 🙂 i think that we could all take some inspiration to use our imaginations to create our own views of these situations. it would certainly be more interesting 🙂
    keep smiling

    • You are very welcome. I’ve been enjoying his work for a while now and thought that others should be able to enjoy it as well. He is pretty amazing. I’m glad you enjoy it.

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    • I agree, they are fantastic, but they are not mine. The artist’s name is Erik Johansson. Check out some of his links in my blog. He has some amazing work.

  6. Amazing stuff! Aren’t we often becoming so involved with our occupation that we break ourselves trying to save a vase of little value, or trying to iron ourselves! I just love it all!
    God bless.
    Herman of

    • I am happy you enjoy the work. The artists name is Erik Johansson. It is not my work, unfortunately, but I have always enjoyed his work. Pretty amazing stuff.

  7. Make Something Mondays. Gosh, this is so wonderfully creative plus I like the bit on ironing with one’s clothes on ha ha ha ha ha…rather familiar though except I burnt my bum and could not really tell anyone!

  8. Surreal and inventive…I love it. Some of it reminds me of the work of 70’s illustrator Patrick Woodroffe, especially the fish/house…thanks for posting..:)

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  10. These are amazing, I love the surrealist elements. I like the water flowing out of the painting and the man becoming a painting.

  11. I love what you’ve done with these photographs. Very interesting indeed. I love the one with the painting being hung with water running out. The photo with the clay arms broken is really cool too. And that biker on the road…can you imagine how that guy might feel if the scene were real? Your work is fabulous. Great job!

  12. WOW!!! What Amazing work! So inspiring! Would love to repost on my site Marti Ink ( this weekend under “The Week’s Head-turning Headlines” in the creativity section. Thanks so much for sharing.

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  14. Your photographs are outstanding-thank you for sharing. Your photographs allow such a different and unique perspective on various things. Exceedingly unique and amazing creativity, vision and talent are evident.

    • I appreciate that but they are not mine. The artist’s name is Erik Johansson. Take a look at his links (above). Thank you!

  15. Thank you for this post! It always warms my heart to find something new and inspiring, among all pictures the world shares with us…he really has “that something”! 🙂

    • I am glad you enjoyed his work. He is a very talented artist. Thank you so much for your kind comment. I appreciate it.

  16. This is truly creative work! its just amazing.

    I should meet you in person to say that “you are indeed giving unmatched creative work to world, keep it up and continue doing great challenging work”,..

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  18. Lol! He should have just used wrinkle release instead of ironing himself. Kidding of course…these are awesome. I think my favorite is between the cyclist + waterfall road and the dog + ballons.

  19. sometimes your work seems to rob the location or subject of its natural beauty instead of intensifying the feel…other than that small gripe, i am in awe of your software capabilities. very imaginative.

    • Thanks for your comment. However, this is not my work. This is the work of Erik Johansson (links are posted above). I’ve enjoyed this artist for a long time because he sees the world in a different way. It is something to consider.

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