DIY Crayon Wall Art

I know that many people have made tutorials for this but it looked so neat that I had to make one of my own. It is one of the easiest crafts I have made. All together I would say it took no more than an hour and  cost less than $20. I suppose that depends on the size of your canvas though.

I enjoy the turnout.  🙂




Things You Will Need:



hair dryer


Hot melt glue




Step 1:

Stack your crayons into piles by color. Take out the black, grey and browns for optimal results.




Step 2:

Arrange the piles of colors in a straight line. Preferably in the order you want to glue them to the canvas.




Step 3:

Using the hot melt glue, adhere each crayon along the top of the canvas.

When you finish, lay down your newspaper.  Make sure you have a lot; this can get messy.




Step 4:

Turn on your hair dryer and keep in placed it the center of the crayons if you do not want a splatter effect.  If you do want the splatter effect occasionally  heat the crayons from the top so that the air can hit the melting wax.

The wax begins to melt quickly so be aware of how you are holding your hair dryer, otherwise your wax will be all over the place before you know it.




Continue heating the crayons until you have something that looks like this.







After about 20 mins you should have something that looks like this. Continue heating for more color.

Happy splattering!

15 thoughts on “DIY Crayon Wall Art

  1. its so cool!!!! may be you could help me… ill start manage an “art child program” named comparte… the idea help poor children some art… if you want i cant tell you mora about it… i just need some good ideas like that to teach them… will you help me???


    • It could still work out with a small canvas you just won’t have to get a huge box of crayons. Double up on the good colors!

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  3. I do think I have to switch to bing. The big G has your
    web site on page 6, despite the fact that it’s far better than each and every site before it..

    • Well that it nice of you 🙂 however it had to do with each search engine algorithms and how popular my site is from a domain and link standpoint. Google is fair. 🙂

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