DIY Magnetic Bookmarks

DIY magnetic bookmarks

Do you like reading? Like, physical books. Not just ebooks. Me too. I also keep a planner to help with organization. That’s why I love the idea of these magnetic bookmarks. Especially since they’re easy DIYs.

Regular, rectangular bookmarks are great, but sometimes they fall out, or it’s difficult to find them in the pages. The magnetic bookmarks are easy to find because they wrap around the top or side of the pages. They won’t fall out either since the magnets hold them in place.

So, if you are interested in something different to help with your page marking and organization, follow along with the tutorial below to make your own.


magnetic bookmark supplies

Materials needed to make magnetic bookmarks

  • scissors
  • magnets
  • glue stick
  • cardstock paper
  • scrapbook paper/ribbon/Washi Tape


cardstock paper strips

Step 1: Cup strips of cardstock

Cut a few strips of cardstock (for however many bookmarks you want to make).

They should be about 2-3″ tall and 4-5″ wide.


How to make homemade bookmarks

Step 2: fold the cardstock in half

Fold one of the cardstock strips in half.


magnetic bookmarks designs

Step 3: decorate

Measure your cardstock and cut a piece of scrapbook paper to the same size.

Glue it to the cardstock.


craft project: homemade bookmarks

Step 4: make it magnetic

Cut the magnets to size and glue them onto the bookmark: one on each side.


DIY magnetic bookmarks

Make all kinds of magnetic bookmarks! Use scrapbook paper, ribbon, Washi Tape…. whatever you like decorate yours.


DIY magnetic bookmarks for journals

They’re great because they fit over several pages so I can bookmark 2 pages at once. Or use more than one to bookmark a few pages.


DIY magnetic bookmarks for planners

Use them for planner organization too! I know there are a good many of you who are planner users and bullet journalers who would appreciate these.

I’d love to hear what you think! Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

Happy crafting!


DIY Christmas Ornament Door Decor

diy framed christmas ornament decor

This month’s theme for The Craft Challenge is Christmas. I’ve had this one planned for a month or so and was excited to get started on it. Shadow boxes are so neat, but I never could think of something to put in them. So, why not Christmas ornaments?


DIY Door Decor supplies

Door decor materials

  • Ribbon
  • Shadow box
  • Christmas ornaments

Note: I started with a cheap frame from the Dollar Store, but decided to switch to a much more stable shadow box from Michael’s. 


ribbon for Christmas ornaments

Step 1: cut the ribbon

Cut a few strings of ribbon, preferably multiple colors, to different lengths.


Christmas ornaments

Step 2: string the Christmas ornaments

Use the ribbon you just cut to string the Christmas ornaments.


hanging ball ornaments

Step 3: tie the ornaments to the shadow box

Pull apart the shadow box and tie the ornaments around the inner frame.

Tie them at different lengths to add some additional visual appeal.

When you put the box back together, be sure to move the tied ribbon as close together as possible so that they’re centered.


hanging christmas ornament craft

If they’re different lengths and you get diverse styles, you’ll end up with something like the above image.


diy framed christmas ornament decor

When you’re finished, hang it on your door and enjoy the holidays!


The Craft Challenge

this blog post is part of The Craft Challenge. Be sure to check out Emily’s Christmas themed craft over at A Pop of Red.


DIY Paper Happy Birthday Flag Banner

paper birthday flag banner

As I mentioned last week, my mom was putting together a card shower for my Grandma’s birthday. She asked if I would make a sign for the foam board she was going to display all of the cards on. Sounds like a Make Something Mondays craft, right?

It took some time to get everything together but it turned out well. Keep reading if you’d like to make you’re own. I made a template which is available below for you to download.



Paper flag banner materials

  • my templates below
  • scrapbook paper
  • glue stick
  • scissors

I suggest using scrapbook paper with a variety of designs. It makes for a fun banner.


Step 1: Download and print the templates

Right click on the images below and save. All three files are 8.5×11″ so you will be able to print on regular printer paper.

flag banner template

The larger flag on the template above is for the scrapbook paper cut outs.

The smaller flag is for reference. When you print the templates below, they should be the size of the the small one above. Or should at least fit within the scrapbook paper template.

flag banner template 2flag banner template 3


Print all 3 templates.

There are a few extra letters, just in case you need them.


homemade paper flag from scrapbook paper

Step 2: cut out the paper flags and pair them

Use the larger flag template to cut make the flags with scrapbook paper like the pink flag in the image above.


example diy paper flag

Step 2: glue them together

Glue the lettered flags inside of the scrapbook paper flags.


paper birthday flag banner

When you’re finished, you’ll have something that looks like the banner in the image above. You can punch holes in each flag and string them together, or you can glue them to a foam board. Whatever you like.

Hope you liked this project. Happy crafting!



DIY Balloon Birthday Card

DIY balloon birthday cardThere’s a special person with a birthday coming up! It’s my Gram. My family is throwing her a card shower this year. I had no idea what this is, but apparently you ask a bunch of people she knows to send her a card. (It’s ok, she doesn’t even use the internet so she’ll never know I’m talking about it.)

I’m not a big fan of the holiday card thing unless the card is unique. What value is a piece of paper with a saying from some stranger? Meh. I like to personalize cards, and the best way to do that is to make them yourself.

Homemade Birthday Card Materials

  • Hole punch (round)
  • Scrapbook paper
  • Glue stick
  • Cardstock
  • String or a pen

Step 1: make the balloons

Hole punch the scrapbook paper into circles for the balloons.

Step 2: glue on the birthday balloons

Organize the circles onto the cardstock paper. Glue them in place when you like the way they look.

Overlap them for the appearance of depth.

Step 3: balloons need strings

Either glue on your string or draw them on with your pen.

I chose the pen because I wanted to add the “happy birthday” to the middle balloon string.


DIY balloon birthday card
And you’re finished! Flip the card over and write your message on the back.

Happy crafting!

DIY Scarf Organizer For Your Closet

DIY Scarf Organizer

I’m going to bet that many of you have a bunch of scarves, or know someone who has too many. I have about 10, which is getting to be too many for me.

Hanging the scarves over the top of the closet door wasn’t working anymore. I’d grab one and they would all come down with it. I needed a better solution. I looked online for organizers and decided pricing plus shipping wasn’t worth my effort.

Of course, I ended up making my own. To the Dollar Store I went. With the materials listed below, I made my own scarf organizer for less than $2 and in less than 5 minutes. Success!


Scarf organizer materials

Scarf Organizer Materials

  • hanger
  • shower curtain rings

You probably have an extra hanger in your closet.


Scarf organizer technique

Step 1: attach your rings to the hanger

Connect your shower curtain rings to the bottom of the hanger.



DIY Scarf Organizer

String the scarves through the rings and you’re done. Easy peasy!

Now you won’t have random scarves hanging all over your bedroom.

Happy crafting!


#InkTober Weeks 4-3

I did a really bad job keeping up on the last two weeks of InkTober. I also forgot to post them. So here they are. I missed a few days.

Inktober day 30 - zentangle

Inktober day 30 – zentangle

I was just doodling to occupy myself.


Inktober day 29 - you are my sunshine doodle

Inktober day 29 – you are my sunshine doodle

More doodles with some typography.


Inktober day 24 - poor attempt at Jessica Jones

Inktober day 24 – Jessica Jones

This was my terrible attempt at Jessica Jones from Marvel. I’ll make a better sketch of her someday… one that does her character justice.

Inktober day 22 - Halloween decoration

Inktober day 22 – Halloween decoration

This is a very creepy halloween decoration that my neighbor puts out every year. If the kids are brave enough to reach in, they can have the candy in the pumpkin head. This thing is about as tall as they are while standing.


Inktober day 20 - personal helicopter

Inktober day 20 – personal helicopter

Inspired by my drive home from work in an absurd amount of traffic. Even if I can’t have my own helicopter to avoid it, I can draw my own and pretend I do.


Inktober day 20 - crappy Trump drawing

Inktober day 19 – crappy Trump drawing

I am not getting into the political topic, I promise.  I was watching the debate and drew Trump ONLY because he has more entertaining facial features than Hillary. I should’ve made him orange…


Inktober day 18 - Maleficent

Inktober day 18 – Maleficent

Because, who doesn’t love Maleficent?


Inktober day 16 - cartoon octopus

Inktober day 16 – cartoon octopus

I have no idea where the idea for this came from.


Inktober day 10 - Walle and Eve doodle

Inktober day 10 – Walle and Eve doodle

Ohhh Walle. I love Walle.


Inktober doodle feather

Inktober day 9 – Doodle feather

More doodles.

Sewing Craft: DIY Flat Iron Travel Pouch

DIY Flat Iron travel PouchI’ve been traveling a lot. Not to any place exciting, though. But when I am on the go, I often have to bring clothes to get dirty in and clothes to dress up in.

I take my flat iron a lot too because I have a habit of sleeping with my hair in a bun.  I know, I have bad hair habits. Back to the travel…

I’m usually in a hurry, so wrapped up my hot flat iron and throwing it in my bag isn’t an option. I needed something safer. Which is why I needed some sort of travel pouch. Of course, I wasn’t about to buy one if I could make one that’s cheaper.

Want one? Keep reading.

Flat iron pocket materials
Materials needed for a DIY Flat Iron Pouch

  • Thread
  • Needle
  • Hot pad

Try to get a hot pad with a loop at the top for hanging. You’ll be able to pull the cord through to hold it in place.

Hot pad for flat iron Pouch
Step 1: sew the hot pad

Fold the flat iron in half.

Sew up the bottom and side. Leave the top open.

Flat iron travel pouch
When you’re finished slide your flat iron through the top pocket.

Hot pad loop to secure flat iron power cord
You can use the loop to hold the the cord in place.

Hopefully this quick sewing tutorial can save you some money and make traveling with with your hair accessory a bit easier.


The Craft Challenge

This post is part of The Craft Challenge.
Be sure to check out Emily’s craft over at A Pop of Red.

Happy crafting!