DIY Halloween Glitter Globe

DIY Halloween glitter globe

I’ve always wanted to make a snow globe, but snow wouldn’t be appropriate for Halloween, so I decided to make a glitter globe instead. I like Halloween more than Christmas anyway.

I got everything I needed at Michael’s (all Halloween decorations are 50% right now!) and it was under $10. I already had the super glue so I’m not factoring that into the price.

If you want to make one, read through my tutorial.

halloween glitter globe materials

Halloween Glitter Globe Materials

Mini skulls
Super glue (make sure it’s waterproof)
Large Mason Jar
Halloween Figurine

halloween skeleton figurine

skulls halloween decor

Step 1

Super glue your figurine and skulls to the bottom of your lid.

As you can see in the second image, I ended up moving the figurine on top of a bottle cap to prop it up a little bit.

water filled Mason Jar

Step 2

Fill up your Mason Jar with distilled water and add just a few drops of glycerin into the jar. Shake it around a little bit.

Pour in your glitter.

DIY Halloween globe

Step 3

Screw the lid on tightly and you’ve got yourself a Halloween glitter globe.

DIY Halloween glitter globe

I’d love to hear what you think so leave your feedback in the comments.

Happy crafting!

Duct Tape Craft: DIY Car Garbage Bag

The Craft Challenge

This craft tutorial is part of The Craft Challenge. You can learn more about it here.

DIY car garbage bag made of duct tape

The September Craft Challenge is Duct Tape. Exciting right?!

I’ve done one other Duct Tape craft the entire time I’ve been blogging, so I was itching to do another one. Possibly one that’s a bit more challenging. I thought about making a purse, but I know I’m not going to use it. I also thought about a Halloween costume (but it’s too early for that). Eventually, I settled on a car garbage bag. It’s definitely the cutest garbage bag that’s ever been in my car!

It’s really easy to make, took about 40 minutes and $10. Not too shabby. If you want to make your own, keep reading.

diy duct tape garbage bag materials

DIY Duct Tape Garbage Bag Materials

Duct Tape
Garbage bag
Scissors/X-acto knife
Cardboard or cutting mat

garbage bag layout

Step 1

Position your garbage bag over your cutting mat and measure and draw the layout for your cuter garbage bag.

I made mine more like a square (because I assumed I’d probably cut off more than I planned, which I did).

Remember the size you wanted. You’re going to need it in step 3.

duct tape bag craft

Step 2

Add strips of Duct Tape over your drawn layout on the bag.

I really tried to match up the patterns but it just wasn’t working in some places. If you choose a detailed pattern, you might run into the same issues.

Repeat on other side.

duct tape bag outline

Step 3

Redraw your layout on top of the Duct Tape.

Cut off the excess.

duct tape swirl pattern

Step 4

Now, you have two square-ish pieces. Position one above the other, pattern facing up, and Duct Tape them together.

garbage bag edges

Step 5

Fold one piece over the other so that the bag is on the inside and the sides you Duct Taped together are at the bottom.

Fold in the bottom right corner like in the image above. Then, Duct Tape those sides together.

Make sure You tape the corners you just folded inward so nothing gets stuck in there later. Yuck.

Repeat on the other side.

duct tape garbage bag handle

duct tape bag handle

Step 6

Now we’re going to make the bag handle and the size will be determined by the location you plan to hang the bag. Since I have my garbage bag hanging from my shifter, I made a smaller one. You might want to consider hanging yours off of the back of your seat so your kids can easily throw away their trash. If that’s the case, you’ll want to make sure the handle fits over your head rest.

Cut a piece of Duct Tape to fit your needs and fold it in half.

Then, tape it to your bag.

duct tape accent color

Step 7

Now for the accent color. Take a piece of your accent tape and fold it over the top of each piece of the bag like the image above.

If you want a thicker band you can add another strip that doesn’t fold over the top.

Tip: It’s easier to tape one side at a time.

duct tape car garbage bag

When you’re finished, you should have something like this.

DIY car garbage bag made of duct tape

Go hang it in your car and you’re done! You can put a mini garbage bag inside of your much cuter bag if you want. Since the worse thing I’m going to throw in there are bags and crumbs, I’m not too worried about it. But if you’re going to be throwing coffee cups and other things that leak in there, you might want to consider some extra protection.

Next month’s Craft Challenge is going to be Halloween. If you have any ideas for me, I’d love to hear them!

Make sure you check out the other Craft Challenge blogger’s posts today. I’m excited to see what they’ve made!

Craft Challenge 2015 Introduction Eclectic Enchantments A Pop of Red Found This Painted That Tinkerbell Knits Make Something Mondays Image Map

DIY Double Blackboard Sign

diy double blackboard sign angles

I looked all over for a double blackboard sign the other day and couldn’t find what I was looking for. I found plain blackboards and whiteboards, but nothing that would stand upright without falling over. Sounds like a DIY project, right?

My thoughts exactly. So, I bought two blackboards and got to work. Surprisingly, it only took about 10 minutes to make.

If you want to try to make your own, gather the materials below and follow the tutorial.

blackboard sign materials

double blackboard materials

Super glue
Mini screwdriver
2 blackboards (same size)

blackboard backs

Step 1

Position your blackboards face down so that their frames meet.

Then, decide where you’d like to place your hinges.

blackboard frame hinge

Step 2

Screw the hinges in place.

blackboard ribbon

Step 3

Since the hinges will only hold the blackboards together, we need a way to keep them from falling flat when stood at an angle (like in the image above). The ribbon will help hold the boards in place.

Cut a piece of ribbon just a little bit longer than the position you want your boards to stand in.

blackboard ribbon placement

Step 4

Super glue the ribbon in the center of the back of each blackboard frame.

Set the boards aside to dry.

DIY double blackboard sign

When you’re finished, you’ll have a wonderful DIY double blackboard!

diy blackboard sign

Grab a chalk marker and go to town!

Thanks for reading and happy crafting!

DIY iPhone Case Design

DIY iPhone Case Designs

I’ve been wanting to make my own cell phone case design for a while now, but I had a good case and didn’t want to replace it. Well, it broke last week, so I took my chance.

I love this craft because there are so many options. You can use a drawing (which I plan to make later), photography, scrapbook paper, Instagram photos, etc. Whatever you can make or find will work!

DIY phone case materials

iPhone Case Design Materials

X-acto knife
Clear phone case
A design on paper

iphone case template

Step 1

Make a template.

I traced my phone on the paper I wanted and just added tabs to the edges so that the paper will wrap about my phone and stay in place.

Cut it out.

Place your cut out inside of the clear case and trace around the section for the camera.

Use the X-acto knife to cut that part out.

You should now have something like the above image. This can be your first design option and your template.

DIY iPhone Case Design: leaves

Step 2

Put the design against the back of your clear case and place your phone against it.

DIY iPhone Case Design: Abstract 1

Painting by Samsavaclav. Found on Wikimedia.

diy iPhone Case Design: Abstract Version 2

Painting by Samsavaclav. Found on Wikimedia.

These two designs were made from this gorgeous painting on Wikimedia. I printed out the original upload, then used my template to cut out 2 more designs from the left and right side of the painting.

There are plenty of places to find images under the Creative Commons license. Check them out if you’re thinking about making your own phone case design.

I’m planning to make a few more designs and will upload them when I finish.

I’d love to hear what you think! Leave me some feedback in the comments.

DIY Baby Name Letter Decor

DIY baby name letter decor

It’s always exciting when there’s a new baby in the family. I started these baby name letters for my soon-to-be baby cousin about a year ago. Something happened that I switched crafts and never finished it. I found the letters in my craft case the other day and decided to complete it. Amyah (pronounced uh-my-ah) is about 9 months old now, so I’m a little more than fashionably late.

The letters are really cute and take about an hour to make with drying time. If you really want to speed up the process, you can get out a hair dryer and go to town.

If you want to make your own baby name letters follow the tutorial below!

materials for DIY baby name letters

Things You Will Need

Acrylic paint
Sponge brush
Wooden letters
Round Paint brush

Step 1

Using your sponge brush, paint your letters a solid color. Let it dry.

As you can see in the image above, I’ve already painted my letters, so I am going to skip this step.

pink wooden letters with polka dots

Step 2

Get your round paint brush and dip the tip of it in the paint you want to use for your polka dots. Lightly dab the paint on the letters.

You polka dots aren’t going to be perfect, but that’s how I like them. It gives them character!

If you prefer perfect polka dots, get a pencil and dip the eraser in the paint and use that as your brush.

Let it dry.

decor letters

You should have something like the above image. If you want, you can add polka dots to the inner and outer edges. I like the contrast of the solid paint against the dots. Your call.

DIY baby name letter decor

The baby name letter decor is a great craft for gift giving or for your own baby. It would pair nicely with the DIY butterfly candle wrap decor, too.

You can staple a long ribbon to the letters and hang them vertically on the wall, glue the letters together and set them on the table or just leave the letters unjoined and place them on a shelf (where they’re less likely to get disturbed).

How would you display the letters? Would you have used different colors? I’d love to know what you think!

Dollar Store Craft: DIY Candle Wrap Decor

The Craft Challenge

This post is part of The Craft Challenge. If you’re interested in learning more about the challenge, you can read about it here.

diy dollar store candle wrap

Today’s challenge was to make a Dollar Store craft and I thought it would be easy, but I wracked my brain for a good two weeks over this craft and didn’t come up with anything I really liked until this past weekend. I’m not much of a procrastinator so that’s really bad for me. I wanted this craft to be easy and affordable (obviously) but every idea I had prior to the candle wrap still would’ve cost at least $20. It kind of defeats the purpose of a Dollar Store craft at that point.

Eventually, I came up with the candle wrap. It’s super easy to make (especially if you print out the patterns I’m going to give you below) affordable and looks really neat when there’s a candle lit inside!

diy candle wrap materials

Things You Will Need

X-acto knife
Glue or tape
Straight, tall vase
Cutting board/cardboard

candle wrap flower pattern Candle wrap butterfly pattern Candle wrap triangle pattern

Step 1

Click one of the patterns above to be taken to a larger version. Print out the one you want to use for your candle wrap.

These are all sized for 8.5×11 paper.

You can always make your own pattern, too!

cut out candle wrap pattern

Step 2

Cut around the pattern.

For the butterfly pattern I wanted to cut around the wings only to make it look like the butterflies were flying with light behind them. You can cut them out completely if you prefer.

diy candle wrap decor

Step 3

Wrap the paper around the vase and glue or tape it in place.

diy candle wrap

Step 4

Place a candle in the vase and light it. I didn’t have all of my lights off in this picture, but you get the gist.

butterfly candle wrap

All of the lights were off this this picture and the following one. Pretty, right?

diy dollar store candle wrap

I like this craft because it’s cheap (which is always nice), looks pretty sweet with the lights off and would be a great decor item for parties.

You can experiment with different colors of paper and patterns to see the different results. I’d really like to try this with wax paper. I bet that would look neat!

Let me know what you think! I’d love to hear your feedback, ideas for patterns, colored paper and whatever else you have on your mind.

The Craft Challenge Participants and Their Dollar Store Crafts

Craft Challenge 2015 Introduction Eclectic Enchantments A Pop of Red Found This Painted That Tinkerbell Knits Make Something Mondays Image Map

Click on each of the pictures to check out each of their crafts.

All of the Dollar Store crafts are to be posted at some point today!

Happy Crafting!!!

DIY Fall Wreath Decor

DIY fall wreath

I told myself that I wasn’t going to make any fall-related crafts until September, but I couldn’t help myself. I saw the autumn leaf decor at Pat Catan’s today and wanted to use it to make a Fall wreath.  I love the colors!

It took about an hour to make and the materials cost about $12. Not too bad if you ask me!fall wreath materials

Things You Will Need

Paint brush
Acrylic paint
Wreath base
Wooden letters
Hot-melt glue
Hot-melt glue gun

painted wooden letters for fall

Step 1

Paint your letters and let them dry.

autumn leavesfor fall wreath

Step 2

In the meantime you can wrap your autumn leaves around your wreath base and glue them into place.

burlap wreath decoration

Step 3

Cut a piece of burlap long enough to stretch across your wreath and wrap about the back.

Glue it tightly into place.

wooden letter decor on wreath

Step 4

Glue your letters across the burlap so they stretch across the length of the wreath.

DIY fall wreath

Tie on your ribbon and hang up your new fall wreath!

I’d love to know what you think! Leave me some feedback in the comments :-)

Happy crafting!