DIY Knotty Purse

DIY Knotty Purse


I am not the most girly of girls and purses are usually the furthest thing from my mind. But when I find a way to make them myself, I am all about it. Imagine that. Most girls have at least one scarf around the house somewhere, and all you need is a square-shaped scarf to make this cute knotty bag. If you don’t have one, you should be able to find one at a thrift or department store for a few dollars. If you wanted, you could even cut a square piece of fabric and use that.

The knotty purse is convenient, adorable, and unique. I bet you that no one else is going to be walking around with the same purse. The best part? This took me about 5 minutes to make.

DIY Knotty Purse

Things You Will Need:
A square-shaped scarf


DIY Knotty Purse

DIY Knotty Purse

Step 1:
Knot all four corners of your scarf, leaving some fabric towards the end.


DIY Knotty Purse


Step 2:
Take two of the corners that are side by side, and tie them together in a double knot. Do the same thing on the opposite side.


DIY purse from a scarf



There you go! You’ve got yourself a cute little purse that will match whatever it is that you are wearing, and will almost definitely be unique.

DIY Knotty Purse

Most scarf fabric is sturdy so, as long as you tie your knots tightly, your new purse will hold everything you need it to hold. Not to mention that it makes a great accessory!


DIY Tea-Stained Tea Box

DIY Tea Box

I have a friend that REALLY likes tea. I emphasis the really for good reason. I heard him talking about it the other day, and it got me thinking. I like tea, and I keep it all in the original cardboard box. There is nothing wrong with it, but I can be more creative than that. I decided to create a natural-looking tea box.

I bought a ready-to-paint wooden box from the craft store and got to work.


Materials for the DIY Tea BoxThings You Will Need:
Paint brush
Wooden box
Tea bags (black tea)

black cherry teaStep 1:
Put 3 tea bags in about 6oz. of water and microwave it. I used Black Cherry tea from Celestial Seasonings because of the dark red color. You can use whatever tea you would like, but make sure it is a dark tea.


DIY Tea BoxStep 2:
Dip your paint brush in the tea and begin to stain your box. Make sure you stain the inside as well.

Let it dry (or get a hair dryer if you are as impatient as I am). Repeat this step until the the box is your desired shade. I put three layers on mine.


DIY Tea Box

DIY Tea Box

Step 3:
Decorate your box. I chose some lace and flowers.


DIY Tea Box

DIY Tea Box


Step 4:
Add in some tea!


DIY Tea Box


If you have friends/family who drink tea, this would be a great gift. Or you could always just make it for you! :-)


Happy crafting!!



DIY Beaded Earrings

DIY Beaded Earrings

I went to the craft store sunday night and discovered the easiest way to make earrings. This is just a few short steps, you will only need 2 materials, and your youngest children could make these. I’m not necessarily saying they should though. Maybe with supervision. The pieces are a bit small.

DIY Beaded EarringsThings You Will Need:
Earring clasps

DIY Beaded EarringsStep 1:

Unwind the base of the earring clasp.

DIY Beaded EarringsStep 2:

Slide the bead on the the long silver piece. These are compatible with most pandora bracelet beads and knock-off beads. Check you packaging just to make sure the brand you choose is compatible.

DIY Beaded EarringsStep 3:

Twist the base back on.

DIY Beaded EarringsBeautiful! A fast way to make cute and simple earrings. You can even switch out the beads if you get bored with those. A great gift for friends and family too!

DIY Blueberry Muffin Soy Candle

DIY Soy Candle

I’ve wanted to make a soy candle for quite a while. This weekend I picked up some soy that can be microwaved (in case this doesn’t go as planned) and some blueberry muffin scent. I’m pretty excited about this Make Something Mondays :-)

DIY Soy Candle

Things You Will Need:
Soy wax
Mason Jar

Not pictured: Pot, water, tongs

DIY Soy Candle

Step 1:

Heat up your water. A little less than half of your pot should have water in it. It doesn’t have to boil but it should be close to.

DIY Soy CandleStep 2:

Add some soy to your mason jar.

DIY Soy CandleStep 3:

Using the tongs, pick up your mason jar and put it in the water.

DIY Soy CandleStep 4:

After about 10 mins it will start to melt.

* You might have to add more soy wax to the jar.

DIY Soy CandleStep 5:

When the wax is fully melted take it out of the pot. You want the wax to cool to 125 degrees.

When it gets to that point you can add in whatever scent you want. Make sure you stir it well.

DIY Soy Candle

Step 6:

Put a pencil or utensil over the top of the jar and wrap your wick around it so that it stays put.

Let it dry.

DIY Soy Candle

Make sure you cut the wick to 1/4″ above the wax. There ya go, you’ve got yourself a soy candle!

DIY Keyboard Upgrade

I found a new, and wonderful blog today! I get excited when I find new blogs with good content. It makes me happy. The blog is called Gurlinteruppted. It says it is a fashion and beauty blog but I found more “pretty” things on it.

Anyway, the specific blog post that caught my eye was Does Your Keyboard Need A Makeover? She walks you through a step-by-step tutorial on how to use washi tape and scissors to upgrade your computer keyboard. What a fun idea!

DIY Abstract Tree Painting

Abstract Tree PaintingA few weeks ago, during Make Something Mondays, you guys voted for a tutorial on an abstract tree painting so here it is! It isn’t exactly the same as the one I showed you before but it is similar. Just remember that it is abstract and that it can be anything that you want it to. It all comes from your imagination.

materials for the DIY Painted Tree

Things You Will Need:
Paint (acrylic)
Paint brushes

brown ground

Step 1:

Paint a section, about 3/4 down the canvas, and paint it brown. I combined a light brown and a dark brown.

Gesso paintStep 2:

This step is optional.

Paint a layer of gesso over the top 3/4 of the canvas.

blue streakStep 3:

Start painting a streak along the line of your designated ground. This will keep the paint from bending together.

blue sky paintingStep 4:

Start to paint your sky. Don’t spend a lot of time on this though. The goal here is just to get some color on the canvas so that you don’t see white between the leaves in the final painting.

tree outlineStep 5:

Paint an outline of a tree on one side of your canvas. Remember that the majority of this tree will be covered with leaves as well, so if you are going to focus on making it look good, focus on the bottom.

treeStep 6:

Start to fill in your tree. I used one shade of brown and a small brush so that when I painted, it made a texture like in the image above.

treeStep 7:

Paint some roots for your tree.

painting yellow leaves

Yellow leaf

Step 8:

Get a lot of paint on a medium-sized brush and dab it on the canvas. It should look something like the above.

A little texture is a good thing.

brightly colored leavesStep 9:

Randomly spread some leaves out on the canvas. Avoid the tree for now since the paint is still wet.

brightly colored leaves

Step 10:

Add set of leaves in a different color.

brightly colored leavesStep 11:

Continue step 10 for several more colors.

brightly colored leaves brightly colored leaves

Step 12:

When the canvas is filled up but has a bit of space left, go back through with other  colors and fill in the negative space. Don’t forget the ground!

Abstract Tree PaintingVoila! Hope you enjoyed this one!

Happy Monday!!!

DIY Heart-Shaped Wire Earrings

DIY Heart-Shapped Wire Earrings

I thought I would give this DIY wire earring attempt another shot. I didn’t do all that well last time but I really enjoy the idea of beaded wire earrings so I tried some heart-shaped ones this time. You know what they say… practice makes perfect but I’m thinking that I’m going to need a lot of practice to get where I want to be with this art form. I hope you enjoy this one!


DIY Heart-Shapped Wire Earrings

Things You Will Need:
Earring accessories
Flat-nosed pliers
Round-nosed pliers
16 Gauged wire
Wire cutters (if your flat-nosed pliers don’t have them built in)

DIY Heart-Shapped Wire EarringsStep 1:
Using your round-nosed pliers, make a swirl out of the wire (facing inward).
DIY Heart-Shapped Wire Earrings
Step 2:
Move a little ways down the wire and bend it upward like in the image above. This will be the bottom of your heart.
DIY Heart-Shapped Wire Earrings
Step 3:
Move up the wire and bend it inward toward the swirl. Make sure you bend it where the top of the bend and the top of the swirl will be somewhat even/level.
DIY Heart-Shapped Wire EarringsStep 4:
Bend the wire straight up so that you have something of a heart shape.
DIY Heart-Shapped Wire EarringsStep 5:
Add on your choice of beads.
DIY Heart-Shapped Wire EarringsStep 6:
Bend the top of the wire in a circular fashion to create a loop at the top of the wire. I cut my wire shorter before I twisted it so that I wouldn’t have to do it afterwards. Up to you though.
DIY Heart-Shapped Wire EarringsStep 7:
Add on your attachment.
DIY Heart-Shapped Wire Earrings
Step 8:
Add on the earring.
DIY Heart-Shapped Wire Earrings
And you are done! It sounds a lot harder than it is because of all of the steps, but when you get the hang of bending the wire it isn’t so bad. Hope you guys enjoyed my tutorial.
FYI: Next week will be the tree painting tutorial that you all voted to see about 2 weeks ago during the abstract painting tutorial. I only got 9 votes :-( but I didn’t get anyone saying they didn’t want to see it. Good enough for me.
If there is anything else you want to see let me know!
Happy crafting!

Moss Graffiti: Boredom Buster

Moss graffiti

Have you ever seen moss graffiti before? I’ve seen in on Pinterest before but I honestly thought it was all photoshopped… you can’t make moss gross like that. Making the photo in Photoshop would be so easy too, so I just dismissed that as the only option. Well, I was wrong. I was looking around on The Bored Ninja today and accidentally found a tutorial on how to make it. Now, that is exciting! Turns out, it is environmentally friendly as well.

It kind of reminds me a chia pet…

If you want to make it you will need:
Paint brush
Spray bottle
Retention gel

How to make moss graffiti

Images © The Bored Ninja

DIY Glass Bead Bracelet




Pandora Look-Alike

DIY Glass Bead Bracelet via Make Something Mondays


Most women enjoy the Pandora bracelets. I like them also, but I am a rational human being and those beads are crazy expensive. That is not in my budget, nor will it ever be. My solution? I made my own, kind of. I found the materials at a hobby shop and was pretty apprehensive. I might be cheap, but I’m not stupid; I know that cheap jewelry tarnishes. No one likes that. I found out the that the beads are made of silver (not plated with silver) or glass.. The bracelet itself is also made of silver. The wonderful thing? I made the whole thing for $20. That sounds much better (to me) than the hundreds of dollars people pay to put together Pandora bracelets. No offense to you if you are one of those people. To each his own. Its just not my thing.


DIY Glass Bead Bracelet via Make Something Mondays


Things You Will Need:
Silver Beads
Glass Beads
Silver Bracelet


DIY Glass Bead Bracelet via Make Something MondaysStep 1:

You can choose whatever type of bracelet you want, but I like the twist off edges because they eliminate the need to stopper beads.


DIY Glass Bead Bracelet via Make Something Mondays


Step 2:

Feed your bracelet through the beads in the order you like. I like to put the silver beads in between the glass beads to break it up a bit.


DIY Glass Bead Bracelet via Make Something Mondays


There ya go, 15 minutes later you’ve got yourself a cute, and affordable, glass bead bracelet. This could be a good gift idea :-)

Happy Monday!



DIY Abstract Wall Art

DIY Abstract Wall Art via Make Something MondaysHow much money have you spent buying art? Really, I’m curious. I spend money on art and people ask me why I would spend money when I can just make it myself. That is a good point, but the reason I buy it is because I like to support other artists. There are some talented people out there, as my blog has shown you, that deserve to be promoted. They have to make money somehow, and the only way that is going to happen is if you buy their art. But, enough with my supporting artists rant. This week my Make Something Mondays project is DIY abstract wall art. Many people buy art because they don’t think they can make it themselves. You can.

The joy with abstract art is that it doesn’t have to be perfect. There was a period called Abstract Expressionism when artists showed how they felt by painting on canvas. It doesn’t have to mean anything to the viewer, although it often does, it just has to mean something to the artist. You can do this, even if you don’t think you have any talent.

DIY Abstract Wall Art via Make Something MondaysThings You Will Need:
Acrylic paint
Masking tape
Paint brushes/sponges

DIY Abstract Wall Art via Make Something MondaysStep 1:

Using your masking tape, make a frame around the edges of your canvas. Then, separate the canvas into quadrants.

DIY Abstract Wall Art via Make Something MondaysStep 2:

Pick out the paints you are going to use. I used 3 paints per quadrant.

DIY Abstract Wall Art via Make Something MondaysStep 3:

Using one of the sponge brushes, sponge a layer of the lightest color over one of the quadrants. Keep turning the sponge brush so you begin to create a pattern.

DIY Abstract Wall Art via Make Something MondaysStep 4:

Pick the next lightest color of the 3 you chose. Continue the same brush pattern like the image above. With this color, layer on less of the paint so that the yellow (or your first color) is still visible.

DIY Abstract Wall Art via Make Something MondaysStep 5:

Using the darkest color, and the least amount of paint, continue the same pattern.

DIY Abstract Wall Art via Make Something MondaysAt this point, you should have something that looks like this. If you feel like you’ve overdone it with the darker colors you can always add another layer of your lightest color over top. Don’t go overboard though.

DIY Abstract Wall Art via Make Something MondaysStep 6:

Repeat steps 1-5 on your remaining quadrants. You can pick whichever colors you want.

Let the canvas dry. This shouldn’t take more than 5-10 mins. Acrylics dry fast.

DIY Abstract Wall Art via Make Something MondaysStep 7:

Add a few lines of masking tape across the top and bottom of each quadrant. Leave a small amount of space between them similar to the image above.

DIY Abstract Wall Art via Make Something MondaysStep 8:

Pick a dark color that stands out in one (or all) of your quadrants. Paint the color of your choice between the tape.

When it is dry you can peel the tape off.

You should have something similar to the painting below.

DIY Abstract Wall Art via Make Something MondaysSee, you can do this! All it takes is some paint and a little bit of patients.

This one looks pretty good next to my other paintings.

DIY Abstract Wall Art via Make Something MondaysI’ve done the Crayon Art as a Make Something Mondays in the past. I haven’t done any tutorials on the tree painting but if enough people are interested, I will gladly make one for you guys! Let me know in the poll below.

Are you interested in a tutorial for the tree painting above?