DIY Glitter Design Candle Jar

DIY Glitter Candle Jar

Those of you who read my blog regularly (or even semi-regularly) know that I love glitter. I also like making candles. I actually just bought 10 lbs. of soy wax to make candles for the holidays and this glitter mess right here is my first victim.

It was really easy to make. The design only takes a few minutes (outside of drying time). If you want to make your own candle, you can go through this tutorial first. It walks you through how to make a soy candle.

DIY glitter jar candle materials

Things You Will Need:
Glass jar
Mod Podge
Rubber bands

** I highly recommend using a plain glass jar with no designs or impressions on it. I used an old pickle jar. It was a good size for experimentation, too!

rubber  band design

Step 1
Wrap your rubber bands around the jar. I used a few different sizes so that it would add some variety the design.

glitter and Mod Podge

Step 2
Get your glitter and glue ready. Prepare a mound of glitter that you can spread.

Go ahead and add a thin layer of Mod Podge to your jar. Make sure it’s thin or you will get some clumping.

glittery mason jar

Step 3
While the glue is still wet, roll your jar in the glitter. Make sure you get all of it!

Let it dry.

rubber band glitter design

Step 4
When the glue is dry, carefully take off the rubber bands.

You can see that I made my glue too thick in some places along the edges. If this happens to yours, use your finger nail to carefully peel those pieces off.

If you want to avoid getting glitter everywhere, clean off your brush and put another layer of Mod Podge over top of the glitter. It will seal the design and you won’t have to worry about additional clean up.

DIY Glitter Candle Jar

Now you should have a beautiful glitter candle holder!

You can give it as a gift or keep it for yourself. This one is for  experimentation for me, but there will be more to come!

Let me know what you think!

DIY Gift Bag from Scrapbook Paper

DIY Paper gift bags

So many friends and family members and getting married or having birthdays that I keep trying to think of new ways to decorate their gift bags and boxes. Of course, it’s easier to go to the store and buy a gift bag, but I’d rather make one myself. I gave a gift recently that was tall and skinny and was trying to think if the best way to present it. I decided to make my own bag out of scrapbook paper. The black and white bag in the picture above is the one I chose. The brown one is cute, but the design didn’t suit her as well.

You don’t need much to make it and it takes about 2 minutes to complete.

diy gift bag materials

Things You Will Need
Hole puncher
Scrapbook paper

paper gift bag directions

Step 1
Find the center of your paper and fold both ends into that center point.
Tape both ends together.

fold over paper

Step 2
Fold the bottom of the paper up about two inches.

folded bottom of paper bag

Step 3
Open the folded part up and fold down the sides like in the image above.

Taped bottom

Step 4
Fold the top and bottom to the center and tape them together.

Top of gift bag

gift bag with bow

Step 5
Fold the top of the paper down about an inch.
Punch a hole on each side of the paper and tie a ribbon through for some extra flare! You can always tie a gift tag in the ribbon as well.

DIY Paper gift bags

The thicker the paper you choose, the more durable the gift bag will be. So if you’re giving a gift that is a bit heavier or needs extra support, go with a card stock paper rather than your typical scrapbook paper.

Hope you guys enjoyed this week’s DIY project!

Happy crafting (and gift giving)!


DIY Paper Gift Box

DIY paper gift box


I was trying to think of a good craft to make for Make Something Mondays earlier in the week and I thought of this paper box. When I was a freelance graphic designer and was regularly looking for new clients, I would make these boxes (with sturdier paper) and filled them with tidbits about myself along with my résumé. It usually worked and I would at least have a call with my prospective clients.

I like these boxes because they are easy (and affordable) to make, and are really cute. They make great gift boxes for candy or other small thinks and can made with any kind of paper or cardboard.

I’ve made these boxes two different ways, and will show you both.

DIY paper box materialsThings You Will Need
Glue stick

Paper Box Option 1

paper layout

Step 1
My paper is 12×12 inches, so I marked every 3 inches and drew lines to show the area. So The floor of the box will be 3×3 inches and the walls of the box will be a little bit shorter than 2 inches.

paper cutsStep 2
Make cuts down the sides of the soon-to-be walls like in the image above.

paper box bottom

Step 3
Use your glue stick to adhere the cut pieces to the inside of the walls so that you end up with a shape like this.

Decorative box bottom

Step 4 (optional)
Cut out a 3×3 square and glue it into the bottom of the box for a nice decorative element.


**If you decide to make the lid the same way, make sure you measure to be a bit larger than the bottom part of the box so that it doesn’t fit too snugly.

Paper Box Option 2

fold in half

fold paper diagonally

Step 1
Fold the paper diagonally that one point meets the point directly across from it.

Repeat on the opposite side so that you have folds that criss cross in the center.

fold paper in half

paper folds

Step 2
Fold the paper in half.

Repeat on the opposite side so that you have fold similar to the above images.

fold side to center

Step 3
Fold one edge of the paper into the center.

Repeat on the other three sides.

fold edges inward


fold in side of paper

Step 4
Fold two of your points inward like in the image above and glue them. This will start one side of your box top.

Repeat on the other side.

paper box lid

You should have a box top that looks like this.

DIY paper box

DIY paper gift box

Add some ribbon around the box and tie a bow at the top for a fun accent!

Happy crafting!






DIY Matchbox Party Favors

matchbox party favors

You remember Jennifer, from Station Teen, right? A week or so ago, she asked me what I was making for my next craft for Make Something Mondays. We started talking about crafts and she gave me this great idea: decorate matchboxes with scrapbook paper and embellishments. Since she owns her own stationary and greeting card business, she offered to send me the materials I needed to make them along with a few samples so that I could make my own with a tutorial. She’s fantastic isn’t she?

Making one of these matchboxes takes about 1 minute. This project was a fun get-your-mind-off-of-everything-else craft. It would make a great favor for a wedding or party. So cute!

DIY matchbox materials

Things You Will Need:
Glue stick
Scrapbook paper cut to 2 1/4 wide x 3 1/4 high*

*Make sure you measure the matchbox first, you might have to trim your paper a bit more.

gluing paper to matchbox


Step 1
Run your glue stick around the whole matchbox cover except the striking area for the matches.

scrapbook paper cover

Step 2
Wrap your paper the whole way around the matchbox and press down firmly to make sure the paper sticks.

DIY Matchbox Party Favor

Step 3
Adhere your embellishment, and you’re done!

matchbox party favors


I had only planned on making a 2 or 3 but, as you can see, I made a few more than anticipated. They’re so easy to make and it’s really fun to match the embellishments to the paper.

party favor variety

Here are a few that Jennifer sent me. I can see these as favors for a baby shower, even.

DIY Soy Candle

Or you could make my DIY Candle craft and tie one of these matchboxes to the jar with a matching ribbon. That would make a really cute gift!

Don’t forget to check out Jennifer’s store, too. She has the best greeting cards. Check out the one she sent me (below). The paper is pretty thick and the stationary picks are great. (I promise I wouldn’t be talking her up if I didn’t think her stuff was amazing.)

Thank You card from Station Teen

I’d love to hear what you think! Do you have any other creative ideas on ways to use the matchboxes?

Happy crafting!

DIY Beaded Wire-Wrapped Earrings

DIY beaded wire wrapped earrings

I haven’t made earrings in a while so, I made some wire wrapped earrings for this weeks DIY project. These are really easy to make, and only took me about 20 minutes. Please ignore my chipped nails…

DIY beaded wire wrapped earrings

Things You Will Need:
Earring clasps
Earring hooks

If you’ve used a Things-A-Ma-Jig, you can find them at Michaels. They’re great for any type of wire wrapping or beading.

DIY beaded wire wrapped earrings

Step 1
Using your rounded pliers, form a loop in the top of the wire.
(Please ignore my horrible nails.)

DIY beaded wire wrapped earrings

Step 2
Set up your Thing-A-Ma-Jig like the above image. You can leave the large bottom peg off the board. I just forgot to take it off.

DIY beaded wire wrapped earrings

Step 3
Wrap your wire around the pegs so it looks like this. When you’re done with this part, take off the wire and flatten it a bit.

DIY beaded wire wrapped earrings

Step 4
Add the bead and put a small downward bend in the wire.

DIY beaded wire wrapped earrings

Step 5
Put another look in the bottom of what is soon to be your earring.
If there’s extra wire, clip it off at the top of your loop.

DIY beaded wire wrapped earrings

Add on your earring clasps and hooks, and you’ve got yourself some cute earrings! They’re so much better when you make them yourself.

Hope you like them! Happy crafting :-)

DIY Knotty Purse

DIY Knotty Purse


I am not the most girly of girls and purses are usually the furthest thing from my mind. But when I find a way to make them myself, I am all about it. Imagine that. Most girls have at least one scarf around the house somewhere, and all you need is a square-shaped scarf to make this cute knotty bag. If you don’t have one, you should be able to find one at a thrift or department store for a few dollars. If you wanted, you could even cut a square piece of fabric and use that.

The knotty purse is convenient, adorable, and unique. I bet you that no one else is going to be walking around with the same purse. The best part? This took me about 5 minutes to make.

DIY Knotty Purse

Things You Will Need:
A square-shaped scarf


DIY Knotty Purse

DIY Knotty Purse

Step 1:
Knot all four corners of your scarf, leaving some fabric towards the end.


DIY Knotty Purse


Step 2:
Take two of the corners that are side by side, and tie them together in a double knot. Do the same thing on the opposite side.


DIY purse from a scarf



There you go! You’ve got yourself a cute little purse that will match whatever it is that you are wearing, and will almost definitely be unique.

DIY Knotty Purse

Most scarf fabric is sturdy so, as long as you tie your knots tightly, your new purse will hold everything you need it to hold. Not to mention that it makes a great accessory!


DIY Tea-Stained Tea Box

DIY Tea Box

I have a friend that REALLY likes tea. I emphasis the really for good reason. I heard him talking about it the other day, and it got me thinking. I like tea, and I keep it all in the original cardboard box. There is nothing wrong with it, but I can be more creative than that. I decided to create a natural-looking tea box.

I bought a ready-to-paint wooden box from the craft store and got to work.


Materials for the DIY Tea BoxThings You Will Need:
Paint brush
Wooden box
Tea bags (black tea)

black cherry teaStep 1:
Put 3 tea bags in about 6oz. of water and microwave it. I used Black Cherry tea from Celestial Seasonings because of the dark red color. You can use whatever tea you would like, but make sure it is a dark tea.


DIY Tea BoxStep 2:
Dip your paint brush in the tea and begin to stain your box. Make sure you stain the inside as well.

Let it dry (or get a hair dryer if you are as impatient as I am). Repeat this step until the the box is your desired shade. I put three layers on mine.


DIY Tea Box

DIY Tea Box

Step 3:
Decorate your box. I chose some lace and flowers.


DIY Tea Box

DIY Tea Box


Step 4:
Add in some tea!


DIY Tea Box


If you have friends/family who drink tea, this would be a great gift. Or you could always just make it for you! :-)


Happy crafting!!